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Store Heatmap Analysis

Optimize Your Store Layout and
Increase Sales Smartly

We Solve Your Problems

What products gain most attention from customers?

Define the popular and unpopular zones in your store.

Are popular zones and actual purchased items related?

Heatmap analysis gives you deeper insight of store layout and customer behavior.

Is the popular zone differs from time to time?

The BI Dashboard with multi-store and cross-time analysis provides an overview of store heatmap.

No More Guessing! Know Your Customer Better with Scientific Data!

In the past, retail personnel tend to guess high traffic areas in and out of stores and adjust the display of advertisements or placement of new products based on their business experience. However, the efficiency of advertising or product promotion was still unable to be maximized. Advantech's Store Heatmap Analysis solution adopts imaging technology combined with POS system transaction data, as well as big data analysis, to provide complete and in-depth analysis of consumer behavior. With the intuitive heatmap analysis, the personnel can know where the customers are gathering, and optimize the display of goods, adjust the pricing strategy to make marketing strategy effectively and efficiently.

  • Popularity of Shopping Zones
  • Favored Zone Analysis
  • Multi-Store and Cross-Time Period
  • Allow to add interested area of goods freely, and is capable of expanding detailed dashboard for in-depth analysis. The system integrates sales data and analyzing conversion rate of number of attention versus sales data for a given product category.
  • The system provides comprehensive analysis of shopping zones while the blue pin defines user’s favor zone, the red pin highlights the most popular area inside the store according to shopper’s dwell time and shopping path inside the store.
  • The platform can make heatmap analysis of cross region, store and time period , which depends on users' demand. These data reports which produced from analysis to provide managers to make further decision.

Real-World Scene Analysis

Detailed in-store hot-spot analysis of specific zones, shelves and aisle helps you identify popular commodities, and helps retailers optimize their counter displays more effectively.

Multi Stores Cross Analysis

Compare hot zone popularity of display shelves and shopper's paths across different locations and across multiple branch stores. Equipped with cross store performance data, management can benchmark branch performance.

POS System Integration

Integrated with POS system, you can compare the heatmap with real consumption transactions, and do further analysis if the shoppers actual buy the product they interested in or paid attention on.

Marketing Strategy Optimization

Retailers can enhance sales revenues by adjusting the pricing strategy based on the popularity of a commodity, or changing the displays according to the hot spot analysis.

System Architecture

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Choose The Package That Fit Your Needs


  • Fisheye IP Camera

    Analyze shopper behavior with the captured image from 360 degree fisheye camera on the ceiling top of targeted location in the store

Edge Intelligence Server

  • Lite (3CH)

    Supports up to 3 cameras. Best for single and small-scale store

  • Standard (8CH)

    Supports up to 8 cameras. Best for chain store, supermarket and hypermarket

  • Pro(16CH)

    Supports up to 16 cameras. Best for shopping mall and large scale retail store

UShop+ Store BI

  • Public Cloud

    Annual license fee
    Easy and fast installation lowers total operation cost

  • Private Cloud

    968SPULPS0 (25 CH)
    968SPULPS1 (50 CH)
    968SPULPS2 (300 CH)
    Annual license fee
    Can be inplemented inside the corporate firewall or existing server

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