Advantechers take pride in their welfare system that profits employees with a rich and diverse range of benefits. In the open and relaxed working environment of Advantech, we take great pride in improving our employees' quality of life, as well as their physical and spiritual health. Through a well-planned welfare system offering diverse activities, Advantech creates a beautiful environment where all employees are happy to contribute and grow in.

Welfare Committee Activities

The Staff Welfare Committee is composed of dedicated staff to help better understand the needs of all employees. We have carefully designed a range of exciting activities in which every employee can use their own welfare points to select and build their welfare package based on their personal interests and demands. Our welfare menu is all-encompassing, which ranges from free travel home and abroad, to magazine subscriptions, art appreciation, fellowship activities, and language courses among others.

At the start of each year, as soon as the committee's annual welfare plan is disclosed, all Advantechers are excited to plan their personal annual welfare activities. Employees' families are also allowed to get involved in many of the activities, which fully reflect the big Advantech family spirit. In addition to all these activities that employees can use their welfare points on, we also hold staff birthday parties and special festival activities on a regular basis such as: lantern riddles, glutinous rice ball tasting for the winter solstice, designing Christmas wreaths and more, letting all employees feel the kindness and warmth of Advantech.