Talent is our most important asset. Advantech is concerned with the physical and spiritual health of every employee, and considers this as a goal for growth. We build a safe and comfortable work and operating environment, all plants conform to Occupational Health and Safety Systems (OHSAS 18:20) certification to guarantee a safe work environment. In addition to that, we also regularly carry out work environment measurements to check compliance with physical and chemical factors as defined in the current rules and regulations. These include: carbon dioxide density, lighting, noise and special chemical substance density. At the same time we develop standards and ways to measure them, building improvements, and evaluation plans, in order to provide a safer, healthier and more comfortable work environment for employees.

"Everyone satisfied, environmental safety first" is the declaration of Advantech's environmental health and safety. We commit to this tenet, starting with the corporate offices, implementing the highest standards, and contributing to Advantech's environmental health and safety policy, and improvement of hazardous substance management.

Advantech's environmental health and safety concept:
  • Provide technologies meeting environmental quality and safety.
  • Implement environmental health and safety rules and goals.
  • Facilitate concern for the earth and activities to improve environmental health and safety.
  • Work to protect the environment and make social contributions.
Emergency Response:

Advantech has established a responsive and flexible disaster management organization to take measures quickly and effectively when disasters happen. We put the first priority on people's safety during a disaster, and second, we try to avoid environmental pollution and financial loss. When a disaster occurs, the response group will follow the response procedures set out in the plan and practiced in previous rehearsals, thus minimizing financial, human, social and environmental losses.

To strengthen employee disaster response capacity, we also regularly organize and administer health education and disaster prevention knowledge and emergency training workshops, hoping the knowledge infusion will provide all Advantechers sufficient capacity to face, respond calmly to, and deal with all types of sudden disasters.

Advantech Health Care and Promotion:

To guarantee all employees' physical and mental health and safety, Advantech actively promotes "health management" and "health promotion" activities. Advantech carries out annual physical examinations to help employees learn about their health situation, and in order to prevent occupational labor injuries.

Advantech also conducts a circuit implementation employee physical examination and special (lead) operation examination, and arranges physician health consultation and physical examination result analysis services; at the same time we also actively improve the process and make arrangements according to employee suggestions, thus improving and promoting the Advantech health examination and care quality.

Employee Physical Examination Result Analysis
Analysis of Causes:

Metabolic Syndrome disease is caused by high pressure and abnormal lifestyle choices (heavy diet and little exercise), and results in calorie excess, abdominal fat increase, and a thick waist, which in turn makes the body insulin-resistant and further leads to high blood sugar, high blood pressure and abnormal blood fat (high triglyceride TG value... ).

Prevention and Improvement:
  1. The company recommends eating vegetables at a dinner party.
  2. The Welfare Committee organizes a variety of "Weight Loss Plans" and other fun activities for weight control.
  3. We host sporting events, family hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities.
  4. We've opened classes in yoga, dance, golf, badminton, basketball, and other sports associations.
  5. We hold a "blood donation" campaign.
  6. Employees are encouraged to walk up and downstairs.