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M12 Temp/Vibraton Sensor Cable w/ Signal Conditioning

  • For use with Wzzard node BB-WSD2M3101P2K and sensor BB-HS-104T2505402
  • M12 connector signal conditioning cable
  • Converts AC to DC
  • Temperature and vibration scaling
  • Optional accessory or replacement cable
Model BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 accessory/replacement cable converts AC to DC. M12, 2-meter cable connects Wzzard industrial node# BB-WSD2M3101P2K) to accelerometer sensor# BB-HS-104T2505402 and provides signal conditioning for the sensor. One cable is included w/ Wzzard Condition Based Monitoring Kit.

Product Specifications Download Spec

  • Part Number
  • Details
Accessory General
  • Cable Type
  • Connector
  • Length

Accessory General

  • Cable Type

    BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 Sensor
  • Connector

  • Length

    BB-WSDCBL-ACL-2 2 Meters

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