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Executive Team

Eric Chen

President of General Management, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Security Officer

  • Joined Advantech in 1994
  • Built up the first e-mail system and implemented Advantech’s global IP-VPN/VOIP systems
  • Integrated the SAP ERP system as a centralized operating infrastructure to streamline business processes and operational efficiency

Eric Chen joined Advantech as a senior IT engineer in 1994. Prior to that, he worked as an IT specialist for EliteGroup as a programmer/systems analyst. Eric graduated from Tamkang University, Taiwan, with a degree in computer science and has accumulated 20+ years of experience in global IT management, providing professional IT solutions in cooperation with executive management in line with overall corporate strategy.

In 1996, Eric built up the first Internet e-mail system in Advantech. In 2000, he implemented Advantech’s global IP-VPN/VOIP systems and in 2003, he phased-in the Oracle PLM system to improve engineering lifecycle times and product data accuracy. In 2005, Eric integrated the SAP ERP system as a centralized operating infrastructure to streamline business processes and operational efficiency. Furthermore, Eric established three IT regional centers: one in Kunshan, China; one in Eindhoven, Netherlands; and one in Milpitas, USA.

In addition, along with the company's business strategy, Eric is also actively promoting the company's digital optimization and transformation, including the construction of a data center and Business Intelligence eManager system with dashboards for a comprehensive overview of operations. The sytems help management quickly aquire a global business performance overview in real time and also assist in the implementation of the amoeba management philosophy that requires full participation of all employees in operations. Together they will become a central driving force behind Advantech's digital transformation.

From 2011, besides IT services, Eric also took over the task of Chief Financial Officer, and has continued working with the management team to optimize the company’s financial structure to improve profitability and create shareholder value through remarkable results. Looking to the future, the goals are to strengthen information security, improve operational efficiency, and promote sustainable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) development. Investing in sustainable business operations are the key tasks for Eric going forward.