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Executive Team

Charlie Chung

General Manager of Advantech Korea

  • Computer Engineering, Kwangwoon University
  • Joined Advantech in 1998

Charlie Chung has a degree in Computer Engineering from Kwangwoon University in Korea. He began his career as an engineer for KIA Info-Systems but soon became a salesman for the Automation Group in KIA. The experience provided him with a great opportunity to accumulate marketing know-how and practical experience in business, establishing a good relationship with field customers as well as strengthening the connection with Advantech. Charlie then became a key figure in the birth and development of Advantech Korea which started as a joint venture with a small SI company in 1998. He was then the head of Automation Business with only 12 employees and began to increase Advantech’s brand exposure in the Korean industrial market. Because of Charlie’s wide experience in Korean industry, and the efforts of his team members, revenues keep growing every year with increasingly expanding business scope. Charlie’s precision management, practical sales experience, and strong leadership have inspired every team member to be at their best and enjoy the fruits of success. In 2009, Advantech became firmly rooted in Korea and Charlie became the General Manager of Advantech Korea.

Advantech Korea is now trying to transform to a “Sector Led” model. Not only is Charlie in charge of the AKR business, he is also the head of the iService business. He will aggressively develop the digital healthcare, digital logistics and intelligent services market.