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Mobile Computing Solutions

Fleet Management and Transportation

Boosting the efficiency of your fleets

Tablet applications in fleet management and transportation
Tablet applications at airport
  • Goods pick-up

    Check goods with RFID reader and barcode scanner to ensure the right package gets to the right person at the right time

    Product Offerings
    • PWS-472

    • LEO-W Barcode Ring

  • Railway / Airport Maintenance Inspections

    Lightweight, portable tablet PC travels easily with railway technicians to process maintenance tasks and inspections.

    Product Offerings
    • PWS-472 with dock

    • AIM-65 with shoulder strap

  • Cargo Yard Inspection and Shipping

    Barcode scanner enhances the accuracy of data as well as the providing real-time updates to the terminal operating system. Information means goods are delivered to the right location every time.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-65
      with barcode

    • LEO-W
      Barcode Ring

    • PWS-872
      with vehicle dock

  • Monitors Driver Behavior

    Ensure managers receive instant vehicle / driver performance such as alerts for sudden take-offs, hard braking, or unnecessarily aggressive turns that waste fuel and risk accidents.

    Product Offerings
    • PWS-872 with vehicle dock

    • AIM-68 with vehicle dock

  • Package Signed

    To provide better customer experience, electronic signatures and mobile receipts speed the pick-up process and help build up a paperless data pool.

    Product Offerings
    • PWS-472

    • AIM-65 with hand strap

    • AIM-65 with stylus

  • Route Optimization and Navigation

    Tablets and vehicle docking optimize route planning to reduce daily delivery loads.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-68 with vehicle dock

    • AIM-65 with vehicle dock

Key Benefit

  • Increase of Profitability

  • Decrease of Fuel Costs

  • Decrease of Insurance Costs

  • Visibility from Pick-up to Final Delivery

    Real time data analytics can often identify carrier issues before even the carrier is aware.

  • Route Planning Optimization

    GPS allows drivers to change routes depending on current traffic blocks. It instantly communicates road updates which optimizes route planning to reduce daily delivery loading.

  • Shipment Urgency Management

    Unload and cross-dock based on the urgency of shipments with real-time visibility of container information and warehouse management system without leaving the yard.

  • Fleet Management Optimization

    Ensure manager to receive instant vehicle / driver performance such as, alerts to power take-offs, hard braking or unnecessarily aggressive turns that waste fuel and risk accidents.

  • Eliminate Manual Processes and Errors

    Enable your front-line worker to accurately pick, ship, and deliver product to customers seamlessly

  • Enhance Efficiency of Inspections

    Offer superior wireless performance, durability that is second to none, and true lightweight portability.

Pure Device

  • AIM-68

    10” Semi Rugged Tablet

  • AIM-65

    8” Semi Rugged Tablet

  • PWS-872

    10" Industrial-Grade Tablet

  • PWS-472

    5” Handheld Tablet

  • LEO-W

    Wearable Barcode Ring

AIM-68/65 Peripherals
  • 20°Barcode Scanner

  • 70°Barcode Scanner

  • Lan + Com

  • UHF RFID Reader

  • VESA Dock/ Wall Mount

  • Vehicle Dock

  • Office Dock

  • Holster

  • Hand Strap

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Active Stylus

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • Multi-tablet Charging Station(AIM-65 only)

PWS-472 Peripherals
  • Docking Station

  • Holster

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

PWS-872 Peripherals
  • Vehicle Dock

  • Office Dock

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • Active Stylus

  • Universal Cover

  • Extension Module