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Mobile Computing Solutions


Engaged with Smarter Hospital

Tablet applications in healthcare solutions
Tablet applications in hospital
  • Asset Management & RTLS

    Monitor and analyze hospital stations and equipment locations with an identification solutions that helps caregivers provide optimal care and safety.

    Product Offering
    • MICA-053

    • MICA-053

    • AIM-55 with hand strap

  • EHR & HIE

    Streamline complicated clinical workflows by enabling nurses to access medical information and contact colleagues from the patient's bed side, allowing staff to get more done in less time.

    Product Offering
    • MICA-053

    • AIM-58 with VESA Dock

  • Clinical Identity & Medication

    Patient identification solutions allow access and confirm essential patient information with barcode scanner or IC card reader.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-55 with Barcode Scanner

    • MICA-053

  • Physical Data Collection & Retrieval

    Analyze patients treatment and location data to optimize workflows and recording into HIS. Ensure patients with critical heart or stroke risks can get treated as quickly as possible.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-55 with Barcode Scanner

    • MIT-W101 with Docking Station

  • Mobility & Ambulance

    Outdoor patient & medical crew mobility and emergency care solution

    Product Offering
    • AIM-55 with LAN+COM

    • AIM-58 with Vehicle Dock

  • PACS & Video Capture

    Capture, monitor, and analyze patient data through Picture Archiving and Communication System.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-58 with VESA Dock

    • MIT-W101 with Docking Station

Key Benefit

  • mobile devices decrease time spent on administration

  • mobile health apps can improve patient’s health and outcomes

  • Medication errors reduced by up to 80%.

  • Positive Patient Identification

    From admission to discharge, prevent identity mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management.

  • Real-time Locating System

    RTLS technology allows hospitals to track the location of diverse devices and equipment to optimize workflows.

  • Pharmacy Management

    Manage all phases of medication management efficiently – from inventory to prescription verification and accurate dispensing.

  • Streamline complicated clinical workflows

    Enabling nurses to access information and contact colleagues from the patient's bed side, allowing staff to get more done in less time.

  • Vital Signs / Video Capture Collection

    Capture vital patient care information for addition to the central health record, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.

Pure Device

  • AIM-58

    8" Industrial Tablet

  • AIM-55

    8" Medical Grade Tablet

  • MIT-W101

    10” Industrial Tablet PC

  • MICA-053

    5” Medical Handheld

  • LEO-W

    Wearable Barcode Ring

  • 20/70°Barcode Scanner

  • LAN + COM

  • VESA Dock/ Wall Mount

  • Vehicle Dock

  • Office Dock

  • Holster

  • Hand Strap

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Active Stylus

  • Multi-tablet Charging Station
    (AIM-65 only)

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • NFC

MIT-W101 Peripherals
  • Office Dock

  • VESA Dock/ Wall Mount

  • Rugged Bumper

  • Active Stylus

  • X Strap

  • Hand Strap

  • Battery