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Mobile Computing Solutions

Manufacturing Solution

Find your smart way to embrace Industry 4.0

Tablet applications in manufacturing solutions
Tablet applications in factory
  • Streamline Manufacturing Processes

    Based on “Built to order, real time reconciliation “ . Office docking allows the manager to streamline each production process, locate the potential problem and on-site problem shooting.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-68 with Office dock

    • AIM-65 with VESA dock

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

    Increase manufacturing efficiency with hot-swappable batteries, fast-charging solutions and application-oriented docking stations and modules.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-68 with Multi-battery Charging Station

    • PWS-872 with dock

  • Material Control System

    Raw material and spare parts tracking with barcode scanner. MCS issues commands to the various storage and transport equipment and tracks the material within the system.

    Product Offering
    • PWS-472 with dock

    • AIM-65 with shoulder strap

  • Labor Management

    Manage manufacturing process, workforce schedules, and refine maintenance planning from a paperless factory.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-65 with holster

    • AIM-68 with hand strap

  • Quality Control & Tracking

    Increase manufacturing accuracy with barcode scanner, RFID reader to improve traceability.

    Product Offering
    • AIM-68 with UHF RFID

    • AIM-68 with camera

Key Benefit

  • Delivery Efficiency

  • Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Greater Visibility, Accuracy, Real-Time tracking

    Everyday data on workflow, performance, order fulfillment progress, vehicle tracking and more is easily available in real-time.

  • Quality Control

    Mobile sensors are becoming more prevalent in machine level compliance at all times for continuous production with quality compliance.

  • Eliminates Redundant Activities

    By enhancing the communication and collaboration between all the functional units, it speeds up manufacturing processes.

  • Cross Platform Synchronization

    Mobile apps can be platform independent. So irrespective of the device platform of the workforce data can be accessed and synchronized easily.

  • Resource Optimization

    Access to data on on-going projects, current resource usage and more helps teams utilize their existing resources efficiently. It also prevents wastage and improves productivity.

Pure Device

  • AIM-68

    10” Semi Rugged Tablet

  • AIM-65

    8” Semi Rugged Tablet

  • PWS-872

    10" Industrial-Grade Tablet

  • PWS-472

    5” Handheld Tablet

  • LEO-W

    Wearable Barcode Ring

AIM-68/65 Peripherals
  • 20°Barcode Scanner

  • 70°Barcode Scanner

  • Lan + Com

  • UHF RFID Reader

  • VESA Dock/ Wall Mount

  • Vehicle Dock

  • Office Dock

  • Holster

  • Hand Strap

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Active Stylus

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • Multi-tablet Charging Station(AIM-65 only)

PWS-472 Peripherals
  • Docking Station

  • Holster

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

PWS-872 Peripherals
  • Vehicle Dock

  • Office Dock

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • Active Stylus

  • Shoulder Belt / Hand Strap

  • Universal Cover

  • Extension Module