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Mobile Computing Solutions

Puclic Space

A New Digital Age of Public Space

Tablet applications in public space solutions
Tablet applications in art center
  • eMenu & Self-Ordering

    eMenu and self-ordering systems on the wall minimize staff resources. Order info will be delivered to the Kitchen Display System and improve the overall service speed to boost potential customer loyalty.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-38 with Wall-mount

    • AIM-37 with Wall-mount

  • Ticket Checking System

    Ticket validation system allow fast ticket checking and throughput of customers.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-35 with hand strap and barcode scanner

  • Customer Survey System

    Customer survey systems provide an intuitive and simple way to collect feedback regarding service quality, exhibition content, and other relevant aspects in order to increase customer engagement and purchase intentions.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-35 with Simple Cradle

  • Information System

    Information systems display floor plans which allows visitors to navigate to the shops and places they want to see.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-38 with Wall-mount

  • Video Guide System

    AIM tablets are ideal for providing self-guided video tours in places of cultural interest. Visitors can use the handheld device to learn about where they are and what they’re seeing by following a “live” map. Built-in communication technology allows the tablet to recognize upcoming attractions and automatically play the relevant video guide.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-35 with shoulder strap

  • Program Reservation System

    Online reservation system allows visitor to reserve tickets and book services at their own convenience to avoid a large crowds during peak times. Additionally, because these systems minimize the number of staff required, they also reduce overall personnel costs.

    Product Offerings : (Support Wall-mount )
    • AIM-35 with simple cradle

    • AIM-37 with simple cradle

  • Intelligent POS System

    AIM tablets can be used as handheld point-of-sale (POS) devices. Intelligent POS solutions offer numerous business benefits such as increased accuracy with the elimination of manual data entry, and improved productivity with the streamlining and optimization of checkout/payment processes.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-37 with printer cradle

    • AIM-35 with Simple Cradle + Printer

  • Ticketing system

    Easily and efficiently sell and print tickets in advance to avoid long queues. It also ensures that you only sell the available number of tickets and data statistics and reports can be used for business analysis.

    Product Offerings
    • AIM-37 with printer cradle

    • AIM-35 with Simple Cradle + Printer

Key Benefit

  • Enhances Visitor Interaction

    Using a dedicated in-application tool, visitors can activate the AIM tablet’s camera to view interactive multimedia content for a totally immersive experience.

  • Resource Optimization

    AIM tablets can be used to display exhibition catalogs in high resolution and using various languages.

  • Real-time Information Access

    AIM tablets provide visitors with immediate access to event or exhibition information, as well as ticket reservation information.

  • User-friendly Customer Service Terminal

    AIM tablets can be used as interactive customer service terminals that offer various functions, including providing a map of the facility and a system for collecting customer feedback.

  • Supports Diverse Ticket Types

    AIM tablets feature a large display screen that supports scanning of various types of tickets, such as QR code tickets and paper tickets.

Pure Device

  • AIM-35

    8" Industrial-grade tablet

  • AIM-37

    10" Multi-Functional Industrial-grade tablet

  • AIM-38

    10.1" Industrial-grade Tablet

AIM-35/38 Peripherals
  • 20°Barcode Scanner

  • 70°Barcode Scanner

  • Lan + Com

  • UHF RFID Reader

  • Holster Station(AIM-35 only)

  • Hand Strap

  • Shoulder Strap

  • Active Stylus

  • VESA Dock/ Wall Mount

  • Multi-battery Charging Station

  • Multi-tablet Charging Station
    (AIM-65 only)

  • Simple Cradle (AIM-35only)

AIM-37 Peripherals
  • Hand/Shoulder Strap

  • Multi-tablet Charging Station

  • Active Stylus

  • Simple Cradle

  • Printer Cradle