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Advantech-Innocore gaming peripherals provide amplifier modules, Graphic Cards, Nvidia GPU Cards, Gaming Monitors, solid state storage devices such as SATA hard drives, iButton®, and add-on hardware that are compatible with Advantech-Innocore gaming boards and systems to fulfill customers' need.

SQFlash and SQRAM for AIoT Applications

SQFlash, a full spectrum of security protection

SQFlash and SQRAM provide SSD and DRAM products with excellent compatibility, performance, and security, making them highly reliable for rugged environments.

SQFlash and SQRAM are verified with all Advantech platforms and fully tested with tightened high-low temperature burn-in tests to ensure high compatibility and reliability. Leveraging decades of embedded market experience, we  design and build strong and rugged storage and memory solutions well-suited for various industrial market applications.

With our customized design-in, technical support, and value-added services, we provide 3-year longevity and 3- to 5-year warranty services.

Step Into an AIoT Future with the Intelligent PMQ Tools

Advantech's DeviceOn/SQ Manager software utility includes tools that enable real-time local and remote monitoring for SQFlash and SQRAM products.

Innovative Solutions to Take Center Stage

AOI Inspection Machines

AOI Inspection Machines

AOI Inspection Machines play a key role in ensuring the quality of products after assembly. Key aspects of this inspection include AOI and X-Ray solder inspection. To achieve process development, continuous monitoring, and refinement of rework operations, it is essential to have highly precise testing equipment.  

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Chargers are typically situated outdoors, making them susceptible to various environmental conditions. To remain competitive in this industry, EV chargers must be able to endure harsh weather conditions and wide temperature fluctuations.

Heavy Industrial Equipment

Heavy Industrial Equipment 

Environments can vary significantly in terms of humidity, as well as occasional vibration and shock. Our systems are specifically designed to operate continuously, 24/7, even in demanding and harsh conditions.

Product Categories

  • Gaming Monitors

    23" Open Frame Gaming Monitor 21.5" Open Frame Gaming Monitor 19" Open Frame Gaming Monitor

  • Solid State Disks, RAM and Other Storage

    Advantech-Innocore storage solutions provide a range of storage modules, including Compact Flash, IDE hard drive, IDE to SATA drive, SATA hard Disk on module (DOM), hard disk drive and solid state drives, for system integrators to easily implement security, backup and recovery functions on their own systems or applications.

  • DPX-LED Controllers

    DPX-LED Controller is an key component in the developer’s tool box allowing ideas and visions to transferred from sketch pad to the big screens.

  • Peripheral I/O Controllers

    The DPX I/O controllers are I/O expansion devices which provide easy ways to interface inputs and outputs for a typical slot machine or kiosk. They provide a variety of functions including inputs, outputs (analog and digital), dedicated logged intrusion inputs, LED lamp and strip drivers, specialized peripheral drivers etc. Connection to the CPU board is via a serial port and a unified software protocol to make interfacing and programming simple and efficient.

  • Backplanes and Connector Boards

    Backplane and Connector Boards provide a convenient way to interface the extensive I/O features of Advantech-Innocore products. Backplanes and Connector Boards offer a cost-effective solution. Making interfaces for board-to-board electrical connector expansion more convenient and flexible.

  • iButton®

    Advantech iButton® devices are available for a number of different functions and supplied drivers and SDK. The DPX®-series boards have a GPIO header used to connect to one-wire or two-wire devices, which is a flexible multi-purpose interface.