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A Taiwan’s Mobile Company Successfully Set Their Service apart from Their Competitors with UShop+ Store Traffic Solution


T-Company is one of Taiwan’s top telecommunication service provider which has approximately 500 physical stores all over Taiwan.

According to a smartphone penetration report which was released by eMarketer in 2016, the smartphone adoption rate for Asia-Pacific is the highest in the world. Comparing the adoption rate with Sigapore (71.8%) and South Korea (70.4%), Taiwan’s is slightly higher ,73.4%. The telecommunication industry is therefore quite competitive in Taiwan;people has clear preference for higher Internet connection speed, and better service quality. 

To satisfy the market demand, Taiwanese telecommunications firms allocate various resources to gain market share over the competitors, and of course, how to provide value-added service to expand the market share and maximize the revenue become key indicators for the companies.  

T-Company has allocated a lot of effort on doing outdoor advertising to attract more customer to visit its stores. Inside each store, the company also has spent a lot of resources to design product display to differentiate itself to the competitors. However, the revenue turned out did not go up with the investments. 

What should T-Company do? 

T-Company conducted UShop+ and install store traffic solution in their selected stores.

UShop+ Store Traffic Analytics solution offers 2D and 3D smart counting camera to integrate with POS transaction data for analyzing the store traffic, sales conversion rate and returning rate. Retailers can also get an in-depth knowledge of customer shopping habits such as duration, customer loyalty and route analysis through our smart Wi-Fi Analyzer.

These 2D and 3D smart counting camera which differed to the others can avoid double counting and immune to shadow and reflection issues. BI software can analysis those multiple data which collected from sensors, and managers can use UShop+ mobile manager APP to know sales conversion, store performance and KPI overview in real time. Help those branch managers make good decision immediately. 

After 3 months, they found out the managers not only save a lot of time visiting branch stores in person by using UShop+ cloud platform, but also able to modify marketing strategy according to the analytics result. Most importantly, the entering rate and conversion rate are improved for stores which implement this solution.

  • Smart counting sensors and BI software help them save a lot of time
  • Make good use of information, such as the entering rate and conversion rate
  • Modify marketing strategy more precisely
  • Help managers to control expanding branches easily