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Explore Success Stories for Smart Manufacturing


Digital transformation is a key factor for innovation and productivity. It ensures that assets and resources are more productively used during production and it also allows timely and actionable decision making that benefits businesses. However, relatively few manufacturers and organizations have embraced digital transformation programs successfully.  

So, how do you make digital transformation a success?  

Advantech’s iFactory solution is a complete solution package from sensing, I/O modules, IoT gateways, and edge computing to cloud services. This equips you with all the information and insights you need to optimize productivity, quality, and sustainability. Discover how Advantech’s clients benefited from advanced opportunities that helped them achieve success in a competitive industry.

Case 1: Digital Centralized Management for Semiconductor Manufacturing

WISE-iFactory/ High-tech solution provides semiconductor manufacturers with an entry point for equipment information collection, monitoring, and adjustment. Manufactures can add-on more useful applications to the WISE-IoTSuite platform for smart optimization and intelligent factory transformation as needed.

  • Accelerating OT/IT convergence.
  • Enriching High-tech industrial applications.
  • Saving total cost of ownership.
  • Ensuring sustainability & scalability.

Case 2: Real-Time Monitoring and OEE Analysis for Zipper Manufacturing

After implementing Advantech’s OEE solution, management at the zipper factory were able to work out when, why, and how many times production lines stopped. They were also able to improve the visibility of day-to-day operations through real-time monitoring of their machines. According to the customer’s feedback, the latter feature in particular played a vital role in this project, because it allowed them to take immediate action as soon as a machine error occurred. This decreased damage that would otherwise result in production downtime. Also, all OEE-related data were automatically collected by the system, thus proactively preventing further errors and data omissions.

Case 3: Maintaining the High-Quality Standards for Automotive Industry

Advantech’s smart solution performs automated tests and visual inspection of work stations to prevent product defects and reduce issues related to manual operations, such as errors and low efficiency. This also improves production quality, while accelerating inspection speeds to prevent work station bottlenecks at inspection points. The durability and 24/7 operation of the system minimized the downtime in testing visual inspection stations, which resulted in lower equipment failures. Additionally, the transition to Advantech products allowed it to implement global standards more effectively across its equipment infrastructure.

Case 4: Smart Monitoring of HVAC Manufacturing

Advantech’s smart monitoring solution satisfied the company’s requirements by enabling data collection and real-time visualization for intelligent equipment monitoring and management. Overall, the solution was space efficient, sustainable, and relatively cost-effective and reliable for monitoring HVAC manufacturing and subassembly.

Case 5: Accelerate Digital Transformation of Aerospace Manufacturing

The production site contains over 200 pieces of equipment, such as PLC devices, CNC machines, electric meters, and motorized maneuverable platforms. These all use different communication protocols and interfaces. To realize centralized management, Advantech’s ECU-1000 series of RISC-based industrial communication gateways were adopted to connect more than 200 machines. These gateways were then integrated with WebAccess/ SCADA to enable smart applications such as fault diagnosis, predictive maintenance, and energy consumption analysis. More, by leveraging edge computing and iFactory/ MetalsWorks, it enabled the research center to visualize equipment data in real time for comprehensive monitoring and production optimization.

Case 6: Smart Factory Solutions for the Tobacco Industries

Advantech’s smart factory solution allowed them to realize a complete system for the collection of data across the generational divide in their machinery. Furthermore, Advantech’s experience in the automation industry provided the flexibility to meet the barcoding requirements on all their products and meet governmental regulations. On top of these benefits, the modularity and flexibility of the Advantech products allowed the manufacturer to capitalize on a minimal hardware footprint, further reducing requirements and maximizing production efficiency.

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Support the data can be collected, analyzed, and visualized for real-time management and data-driven decision-making.

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