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Intelligent Data Server for Medical Hospital Surgery Solution


Location : USA

Background Information

Population growth trends are changing in both developed and developing countries. These countries have lower death rates and longer life expectancy, which increases the demand for medical treatment and longer term care. Medical institutions and hospitals are searching for ways to provide better medical services with greater efficiency.

System Requirements

A high profile medical integrator in North America needed a hospital data system that included cloud-based services, surgical robots, medical devices, and control towers. In the surgical ward, clinical data from patients needed to be collected from medical devices and stored in the hospital’s cloud. In the surgery room, clinical data was more complex than in a surgical ward. Most of the data in the surgery rooms was video based and included images captured from a surgical robot. After acquiring the videos, a control tower would provide analysis and deliver it to the surgeon’s control center for doctors to make accurate decisions.

The main brain in the data system was the control tower, which dispatches assignments to different servers to complete complex analysis and data visualization. The control tower needed three systems: the control computer, a video analysis system, and a video storage system. The control computer needed to have high performance computing power and Ethernet to communicate and coordinate between sub systems. The video analysis system needed smart video capabilities to capture video and visualize information. The video storage system needed to have plenty of storage to capture the massive amounts of video data so a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) system was configured to add reliability.

System Description

The hospital’s control tower incorporated Advantech’s HPC-7242 + ASMB-815; a 2U height server chassis with high performance Intel Xeon® scalable ATX server board. Its multiple options for PCIe expansion slots, dual 10GbE Ethernet support, and multiple I/O features fulfilled all their communication and coordination requirements.

The video analysis system was based on Advantech’s HPC-7400 + ASMB-815 + NVIDIA Quadro P5000 GPU card. The video analysis system needed to deal with massive amounts of collected data captured from the surgical robots, and displayed on the surgeon’s bridge. The system was based on a 4U height server chassis with high performance Intel Xeon® scalable ATX server board and GPU cards that dynamically allocated GPU resources for graphics and compute-intensive tasks as needed.

Advantech’s HPC-8212 + ASMB-786G4 + NVIDIA Quadro P2000 GPU card was suitable for the video storage server needs as it was based on a 2U storage server chassis adapted with 12 x 3.5" drives. The server board used was an LGA 1151 Intel® 8th Generation Core™ Xeon platform with a NVIDIA Quadro P2000 GPU card that increased bandwidth by up to 20% - reducing the amount of data fetched from memory for each frame.

Key Features

  • High performance CPU computing power with the latest Intel server platform.
  • PCIe expansion capability for multiple GPU cards.
  • Easy configuration with flexible chassis dimensions and server-board options.
  • 5-year extended warranty and product longevity of up to 7 years.

Why Advantech

The medical server application required a high performance and flexible system. Advantech’s product manufacturing capability was flexible enough for any possible customization. Advantech’s HPC series provided a 1U to 4U server chassis and the ASMB series provided Micro ATX and EATX form factor boards. The hospital got their intelligent data server with all the performance and expansion requirements they needed. Advantech was not only able to provide flexible product options to the customer; we continuously provided support for up to 5~7 years with extended warranties.

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