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The Latest Technologies in IIoT


Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI)

Compared to AI, IAI is focused on applications in industrial fields, including manufacturing processes, packing processes, facility management, and storage management. IIoT-enabled devices enhance the development of IAI, with massive data from edge sensing devices and computing platforms. Like IPCs or IIoT cloud software, they are deployed to compute and analyze data and then predict breakdowns or high risk situations in the manufacturing process.

Edge Computing

Although cloud computing can be used to process a huge amount of data, over loading, high latency, and high power consumption can be side effects of of cloud computing. Unlike cloud computing, edge computing is more responsive and real-time. With edge computing, data could be instantly processed, computed, and analyzed by edge devices, the cloud only needs to process high-value or complicated data and information to optimize edge-to-cloud system efficiency.

For example, Advantech launched an intelligent edge DAQ gateway, WISE-750, an intelligent vibration sensing gateway embedded solutions for edge AI (machine learning) and vibration data acquisition. WISE-750 makes an intelligent vibration gateway ideally suited for monitoring the condition of the critical assets like CNC machine spindle status, elevator/ escalator system prognostics, precision linear slides, ball screws, bearings, and other equipment with mechanical moving parts.

Time-Sensitive Network (TSN)

The IoT effect has made deterministic communication more critical to industries such as automotive, manufacturing, utilities, and more. Determinism over standard Ethernet enables true real-time communication. That’s why we need time-sensitive networking. Four benefits of TSN are time synchronization, frame preemption, time aware shaper, and seamless redundancy.

Time synchronization

Synchronization means the technology of synchronized clocks enables machines to perform actions in the designated exact time, without time boundaries.

Frame preemption

In highly converged networks, higher priority traffic can be delayed by low priority frames leading to shutdowns and damage. Frame preemption allows a reduction of transmission latency for express traffic that can preempt low-priority packets.

Time aware shaper

Time-aware shaper is used to grant exclusive use to the Ethernet transmission for traffic classes requiring transmission guarantees that cannot be interrupted.

Seamless redundancy

Seamless redundancy offers multiple paths for redundancy. When the primary path fails, the duplicated copy path will arrive at the destination to guarantee no packet loss. Advantech launches the EKI-8500 series TSN Ethernet switch to make true real-time communication possible.

Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication

M2M refers to data interchange between machine to machine by using wired and wireless communication. Take the water pollution detection system as an M2M example, the water quality is detected by analyzing the parameters such as COD, PH, and particles. ADAM-6217 has an analog input to obtain parameters from sensors. It directly supports the MQTT protocol that can connect with the control center. So, when the water quality is not as it should be, ADAM-6217 will trigger an alarm on the system, and administrators in the control center will perform inspection activities.

Advantech's Remote I/O, ADAM-6217, Used as a Field Device for M2M Communication

Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA)

OPC UA is designed for industrial automation and is a free protocol for interchanging data between machines to machines, inside the machine, and machine to SCADA or management cloud platform. OPC UA simplifies M2M communication and decreases the communication gap between OT/IT. Before OPC UA, industrial communication protocols are possessed by different companies, such as PROFINET from Siemens PLC, EtherNet/IP from Rockwell Automation, and iQ-Link from Mitsubishi, etc. OPC UA instead offers an open connectivity across products, independent of the hardware or software platforms involved. OPC UA defines a standard way for sharing real-time data, historical data, and alarms & events, reducing integration and total life cycle cost for system implementation.

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)

MQTT is a publish/subscribe messaging protocol for constrained IoT devices in low-bandwidth, high-latency, or unreliable networks. MQTT is designed for IIoT applications because a huge amount of devices need to be connected, so having a lightweight message is beneficial to data transmission efficiency. MQTT and HTTP have the same bottom-layer system module - TCP/IP. Unlike HPPT accompanying a bunch of information on message headers, message headers of MQTT is simplified to have light data connecting bandwidth.

Recommended Course: Introduction to MQTT and Node-RED


5G is the fifth-generation mobile network. 5G adopts shorter frequencies (millimeter waves) and are between 30GHz and 300 GHz. 5G delivers higher Gbps peak data speeds (20 Gbps), ultra-fast communication, extremely low latency, and a greater capacity of connected devices. 5G facilitates IIoT development to the next level, enabling preventive maintenance, edge computing, and huge amount of IIoT applications related to real-time monitoring and analysis.

Some IIoT Free On-line Learning Resources for You

Advantech IoT Academy| An Online Learning Platform to Gather IoT Knowledge On-Demand

By leveraging over 30 years of expertise in industrial IoT (IIoT) and automation, Advantech, a global leader in industrial IoT, established IoT Academy in 2020 to impart and share IIoT knowledge. Featuring extensive courses, Advantech IoT Academy consists of 6 x IIoT domain courses, including: intelligent factory, intelligent connectivity, industrial automation, intelligent system, edge & cloud software solution, and energy & environment. Courses include IIoT general knowledge, product features, hands-on training, and trouble-shooting. Up to now, there have been more than 300 courses on line and most of them are free. The picture below show the diversity of IIoT course classifications.

Course Categories in Advantech IoT Academy

  • Understand important principles including data acquisition, I/Os, analog & digital signals, and wireless & remote I/Os. 
  • Know the features of Advantech sensing modules and automation solutions. 
  • Know how to use these solutions to help realize business requirements or practices. 
  • Be able to realize IoT projects by integrating IT and OT systems with hands-on instructions. 
  • Learn how to use SDKs to get information from IoT end-devices.
  • Understand the basic concepts of the Ethernet network, topology, functions of various network interfaces and equipment, and basic Wi-Fi network structure. 
  • Introduce the features of Advantech industrial connectivity. solutions and understand how these solutions help to construct networks.  
  • Understand the Layer 2 switch protocols and how it’s designed. 
  • Understand the basic knowledge of L3 routing concepts and applications. 
  • Learn product knowledge of Layer 3 managed switch series, also Layer 3 routing protocol such as OSPF and RIP. 
  • Diagnose possible root causes of application problems.
  • Understand the features of Advantech edge computers, including compact & modular IPC, scalable IPC, panel IPC, and server IPC. 
  • Practical applications of edge computing, teaches you how to select suitable Advantech computers to match business requirements. 
  • Understand general knowledge and hands-on skill of Advantech intelligent system products. 
  • Learn more about basic technical functions and skills of intelligent IoT computing products.
  • Learn about the features and benefits of industrial edge software solution, including Advantech’s core IoT solution, WebAccess/SCADA, WebAccess/CNC, WISE-EdgeLink , Codesys and WebAccess/HMI. 
  • Learn about and get hands-on skills of Advantech IoT Software solution. 
  • Focuses on OT/IT integration and extra features in Advantech IoT software. 
  • Be able to implement projects and integrate Advantech products or software with third-part software systems.
  • Understand what digital transformation of manufacturing in industry 4.0 is and what WISE-Factory can offer. 
  • Learn about the concepts of WISE-Factory, Edge SRPs and Industrial Apps (I.Apps) and understand how to utilize the knowledge to your needs. 
  • Learn the fundamental concepts to setup and purchase additional licenses based on the RTM application. 
  • Learn how to select right solutions, I.Apps, and Edge SRPs to develop the technical knowledge for factory deployment. 
  • Gain the know-how to do site surveys as well as create an evaluation report for customers.
  • Understand sub applications of energy & environment, including water treatment, energy management and environmental monitoring solutions. 
  • Understand the architectures of each energy & environment application. 
  • Learn the technical concepts of energy & environment solutions 
  • Learn how to deploy applications, configure integrated solutions, and troubleshoot operational issues.

With theoretical knowledge and hands on courses, Advantech IoT academy can help you build a solid knowledge framework to apply in your own industry from the get-go. Register now and explore diverse range of online courses!

InnoTalks is an online program that brings users, field experts, and researchers together to talk about enabling successful digital transformation in industrial automation & IoT. Topics include practical solutions for OT and IT convergence, from the edge to the cloud, in order to expand and enrich the industrial IoT ecosystem.

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IoTONE is a podcasts which is owned by IoTONE Company, and now there are more than 140 podcasts on line. IoTONE invites many IIoT industrial experts to share their concepts from macro perspectives, including technology insight sharing, trending IIoT technologies applications and IIoT business strategies to micro practices, including IIoT process optimization.

RealPars is a company which dedicates in offering practical skills for automation engineers, most of which are related to PLC programming hands-on experiences. Some of courses are free and some of them are paid courses with annual subscription fee.

After reading the article, you should start to understand the basic concepts of IIoT, the architecture of IIoT, the difference between IIoT and IoT, and the latest technologies for IIoT. For more IIoT general knowledge and Advantech IIoT product training, we welcome you to register with IoT Academy and take a versatile free on-demand course to expand your IIoT knowledge.

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