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Advantech Eases Enterprise Adoption of Hybrid Clouds Using Microsoft Azure


Enterprises are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud architectures when undertaking digital transformation in an effort to address legal regulations and network performance issues. Indeed, a study by Flexera indicates that 87% of a sample of 750 global cloud decision-makers used a hybrid cloud architecture during their migration. Despite this, many enterprises face compatibility, information security, backup, and restoration issues as well as system downtime when undergoing hybrid cloud development and migration.

Advantech’s professional cloud consulting service team is helping enterprises that adopt Microsoft Azure navigate these issues. Indeed our service covers every stage of the transition, from an initial assessment of their cloud architecture through designing cloud migration programs that ensure seamless new system data compatibility. This comprehensive data migration assistance helps enterprises build hybrid clouds that optimize their business operations.

Azure Makes Migration to the Cloud Quicker and More Secure

Enterprises use the Azure cloud platform to build hybrid clouds for three reasons.

First, Azure is highly compatible with Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio development kit, and SQL database — All are widely adopted in most IT architectures. This compatibility significantly reduces system downtime and ensures quick data migration.

Second, Azure’s comprehensive information security mechanisms ensure high-level system security. Indeed, Azure Security Center allows enterprises to scan and view the security status of their cloud resources via dashboards, delivering a simple, intuitive interface that enhances data security. This is bolstered by Azure Monitor, a tool that collects, analyzes, and processes remote device data on the edge and in the cloud while providing real-time alert notifications about questionable traffic.

Third, Azure’s backup mechanisms and disaster recovery systems guarantee high stability. Microsoft has more than 60 datacenter regions around the world that support each other, delivering Service Level Agreements (SLA) and ensuring system operation stability.

Advantech Attributes in Cloud Migration

Azure is an excellent choice for enterprises seeking to build a hybrid cloud architecture. Despite this, cloud migration creates several unique challenges. Time constraints, security settings, constant performance verification, cost assessment, and creating backups makes migrating to the cloud a complex process that needs to be undertaken in batches.  Advantech boasts three attributes that help enterprises migrate to Azure.

First, Advantech’s team of consultants boast many Azure certifications. These range between Microsoft Azure Administrator to Security Technologies Certifications. Advantech’s team helps enterprises organize their cloud migration plan before, during, and after migration. In addition, Advantech developed the Intelligent Migration Tool (IMT) for use before migration. This tool helps determine which services are capable of being moved directly, and which ones need to be rebuilt before migration.

From migration to going live, Advantech helps enterprises verify new cloud system performance while guiding them through original equipment phase out. Advantech presents a cost optimization proposal based on enterprise cloud usage conditions following migration to the cloud, boosting migration synergy.

Second, Advantech leverages its IoT experience to develop a wide variety of IoT solutions for different industries. Advantech further meets specific client needs using the WISE-PaaS industrial IoT cloud platform. The company’s existing IoT solutions are directly applicable to numerous sectors —  including the retail, manufacturing, healthcare sectors.

Advantech is an Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and established the Azure IoT CSP partnership ecosystem together with their Azure resellers. This means Advantech can provide a diverse selection of hardware, software, and cloud services to the resellers during the application process. This helps the ecosystem partners share resources with each other while enabling them to utilize cloud platforms that accelerate IoT applications.

Third: Advantech launched the lightweight Ei Edge Cloud solution in response to emerging hybrid cloud trends. This solution integrates its own edge intelligence systems and remote equipment operation management software — including Advantech DeviceOn and iEdge. This solution helps enterprises connect private and public clouds by storing, computing, and analyzing data at the edge before uploading them to the Azure platform.

Advantech Helps Industries Accelerate AIoT Adoption with Azure

Advantech has used these three attributes to help enterprises ease data migration when shifting to a hybrid cloud. These attributes were particularly useful to a well-known retailer planning to update an SAP system. This retailer was deciding between a data storage solution based on physical machines (such as databases and servers) and one based on the cloud. Advantech posits that physical machines have limited capacity, and may not be able to handle increases in corporate data. These limitations emphasize the importance of scalable resources. Congruously, equipment costs are higher and require greater labor to maintain consistent performance. These factors led Advantech to suggest the adoption of a cloud system. In the end, the retailer finally opted to migrate its SAP system to the cloud and use Azure VPN Gateway to connect on-premises systems. As part of this package, Advantech ensured security by building a configuration that connects their own firewall with the VPN gateway.

Advantech helped this retailer reduce its data relocation costs. In addition to other information security protection mechanisms, central management can further set permissions for employees at all branch stores, enabling secure system data access in accordance with their level of authorization. Since implementing their new cloud-based data storage solution, the retailer has converted the original server room into a key work area.

AIoT applications offer diverse capabilities, but require equally diverse tools. Enterprises can handle the difficult tasks associated with incorporating AIoT applications by leveraging Microsoft Azure and Advantech’s professional one-stop cloud consulting services. Present trends are driving enterprises to adopt cloud applications at a faster pace, and Advantech’s cloud consulting team will collaborate with resellers and clients in an effort to complete a successful digital transformation.