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Advantech Officially Unveils Its First 40th Anniversary Event with a Road Cycling Day Out


Advantech (TWSE: 2395), a global leader in Industrial IoT will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2023 by holding its first road cycling event today (18th), which will officially launch Advantech’s 40th anniversary celebrations. In addition, Advantech will also hold a series of joyful events such as global employee well-being programs,  Advantecher kids’ painting competitions, global road cycling events, and world partner conferences. While celebrating their 40th anniversary, Advantech hopes to extend a warm and sincere gratitude to all colleagues and partners who have been with Advantech all the way.

KC Liu, founder and chairman of Advantech said, “With the completion of the third phase of the Advantech AIoT Co-Creation Campus, Advantech will be able to wholeheartedly promote the IoT industry and develop various ecological value chains. In addition, Advantech will strive to become the best and most attractive employer for IoT talent and will cultivate new talent through multiple channels to benefit Advantech and co-creation partners.” KC further stated that he is determined to carry out succession planning from this year, so that by constantly promoting the three visions of green operations and sustainable development, AIoT promotion, and community enrichment, Advantech will be able to implement altruistic mutual benefits that enable an intelligent and sustainable planet and create a sustainable enterprise for all stakeholders.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary, Advantech has planned a series of events including global employee-well-being programs, Advantecher kids’ painting competitions, global road cycling events, and world partner conferences:

  • Employee well-being programs: Advantech allocated a budget of US$ 1000 per person for global employees who join local activities with the aim to boost global Advantechers and their families’ happiness experience.
  • Global Advantecher kids’ painting competitions: Advantecher kids from 12 countries have joined the competition including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, China, and Taiwan. Hundreds of artworks have already been collected from the preliminary rounds. The competition invited experts from all walks of life to act as judges including: children's writer Shu-fen Wang, sound designer and artist Akibo Lee, Director of The Museum of World Religions Yu-Chuan Ma, and the paper cutting artist Shih-Yi Yang. Substantial rewards will be provided to the top 5 young Advantechers whose works will be exhibited in offices around the world.
  • Global road cycling events: Road cycling events will be held in more than 40 cities around the world and more than 4,000 Advantech colleagues and partners will participate in the grand event.
  • World partner conferences: From the second half of 2023, three global partner conferences will be held in the newly completed IoT Co-creation Campus including  Chinese session from July 27 to 28, and an English session from October 26 to 28 and November 30 to December 2. In addition, a world partner conference will be held in China (September), where we will share the latest technology trends and IoT viewpoints with our global partners and customers.