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Solutions in Industrial Service

Solutions for Building Intelligent Industrial Services

As leading player in the industrial market, Advantech has offered various factory automation and machine automation solutions, such as manufacturing execution system and equipment control terminals, for factories and pharmaceutical laboratories to make their manufacturing process more efficient and safe. From the information and visualization system at a work station to the remote control terminals in a central control room, Advantech's industrial solutions can help to streamline manufacturing processes and enable staff and managers to monitor manufacturing equipment just on their mobile devices.

Smart Factory Solutions

Advantech’s wide range of MES and equipment control terminals are designed to increase manufacturing automation and operational efficiency, while its various workstation information systems support process visualization for enhanced manufacturing.

Smart Warehouse Solutions

Advantech offers smart warehouse solutions that comprise intelligent all-in-one touch computers and mobile tablets for diverse warehouse management applications. When integrated with warehouse management systems, these all-in-one terminals and mobile tablets optimize processes and enhance inventory management for more efficient warehouse operations.

Focus & Highlight

Advantech Launches UTK-752 Modular Touchscreen Kiosk for Self-Order and Self-Service Applications


Taipei, Taiwan, October 07, 2020 — Advantech, a leading provider of service automation solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of UTK-752—a 21.5-inch interactive touchscreen kiosk aimed at automated self-service industries.

Case Studies

Texpro Cooperated with Advantech to Promote Eco-Friendly Manufacturing and Set a New Precedent in Textile Industry


Texpro and Stentex Machinery Technology, a leader in the dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing industry, has addressed difficulties in the upgrading of dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing. By cooperating with Advantech, Texpro took the lead in developing an informative, digitalized, ...


WISE-Marketplace, Industrial IoT App Store


Advantech's WISE-Marketplace is the destination for all your software needs in industrial IoT. You can find integrable industrial apps (I.apps), end-to-end solutions, and consulting servicesfor a wide range of industries. Come here to buy, deploy, list, and customize I.apps to facilitate your own in...