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We offer wide selection of Industrial Displays based on all sorts of required applications and vertical markets, including 17" ~ 31" LCD/LED Monitors, 19"~31" Medical Grade LCD/LED Monitor, 55" ~ 86"Digital Signage, 49" Video Walls, and 15" ~ 32" Touch Monitor (IR, PCAP, SAW). Find the technology you need here.

Product Categories

  • Digital Signage

    Visualize your image with Advantech! We offer 55"/86" Digital Signage supporting 4K/FHD resolution and high brightness, built in diverse display output configurations, embedded cooling system, and tested 18x7 operation! You can use them for situation room applications or other commerical, retail, industrial, and monitoring use.

  • Video Wall

    Visualize your image with Advantech! We offer 49" Full HD Video Walls with 3.5 mm, 4-sides panels, built in diverse display output configurations, embedded cooling system, and tested 18x7 operation. They are perfectly suitable for all sorts of display applications in commercial, retail, and industrial environments.

  • Monitor

    Visualize your image with Advantech! We offer 17" ~ 31" professional LCD/LED monitors for the market application like commercial, retail, industrial, and gaming use.

  • Panel Mount

    Advantech Industrial Panel Mount series

  • Touch Module

    Fulfill specified touch device with Advantech configured Touch Panel Module! Eight different screen sizes and two different touch technologies (resistive or projected capacitive type) as various product selections. For specified requirements, wide range of configurable options such as customized cover glass design (glass series, thickness, AG/AR/AS treatment, printing, CNC hole), enhanced materials (glass, film, OCA) and IC solutions for all kinds of applications like industrial, medical, retail market. Meanwhile, bonding service (air bond/optical bond) and LCM procurement service could be provided as well. Please contact your Advantech sales representative for the further information!

    • PCAP (Projected Capacitive Touch)

      Electrodes are aligned in a grid pattern on the sensor side of touch panel. The grid detects the touch point by sensing the change of electrical charges that occur when a finger touches the surface of the touch panel. The PCAP touch technology has the added advantage of durability because it has no degradation to the surface of the display or the performance of the touch sensor.
    • RTP (Resistive)

      The resistive structure is sensed by pressure so there is no limitation of contacting forms. Resistive touch screens work smoothly even using a pen or with gloves. TFT resistive touch screen Display can be used on consumer electrical products, such as POS system, security system, control monitors and GPS devices.