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IoT Ethernet I/O Modules: WISE-4000/LAN

The WISE-4000/LAN series is a newly designed IoT Ethernet I/O module which supports new RESTful web API for IoT applications. A HTML5 web configure interface enables users to configure WISE modules without the limitation of a platform or operation system. The built-in data logger function logs data with time information, then be retrieved in a bundle. Wide operating temperatures enable the WISE series to be implemented in more IoT data acquisition applications. As well as the new functions, the new mechanical design can let users install the module and doing diagnostics in an easier manner than before.

Simple and Intuitive Logic Control

Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Connection

  • Easy channel mapping from different I/O modules without extra programming effort or additional controllers.
  • Utilizes Peer-to-Peer modules, just configure settings through ADAM.NET utility.

Graphic Condition Logic (GCL)

  • GCL function is built-in ADAM-6000 and ADAM-6200 modules for users to easily set up logic rules in any application
  • User defined logic rules through graphical configuration environment in ADAM.NET Utility
  • No additional controllers or programming is needed.

Communication with IoT Protocols


  • Actively publish MQTT message with user defined interval
  • Shortens downtime with alarm event notification
  • Privacy assured with the TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • Simplifies configuration for MQTT using the ADAM.Net Utility


  • Simple way to monitor I/O data on NMS (Network Management System)
  • SNMP trap to notify alarm event
  • Reduces implementation cost with ADAM MIB (Management Information Base) file

Communication with IoT Protocols

Flexible Deployment with Daisy Chain Networking and Auto-Bypass Protection

Daisy chain connectivity offers flexible cabling and space saving capabilities. With Ethernet auto-bypass function supported to prevent accidental power failures if one of the modules unexpectedly shuts down.

Industrial Design / Isolation & Wide-Operating Temp.

The ADAM-6000/6200 series has a rugged design.

  • Supports isolation protection to avoid system damage from high-energy noise.
  • Supports operating temperatures of between -40 ~70°C and can perform in most harsh environments.

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