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DPX-Developer Kits
Developer’s kits for DPX® Series products

  • All inclusive kits for each DPX® mainboard
  • Fast and simple setup to evaluate and start development
  • Includes pre-configured operating systems, drivers and utilities
  • Demo and reference source code
  • I/O development board, power supply, full documentation
With development times becoming shorter in the gaming industry, the range of DPX® Developer’s kits provides a fast, simple way to get up and running with any of the DPX® Series products. The kits are based on a DPX® mainboard, populated with CPU, RAM and including all the other necessary items to set up an evaluation and development station. The mainboard is enclosed in a production chassis (DPX®-S Series chassis). Operating systems are pre-installed on the included storage drive together with drivers, demo utilities with source code, and full documentation. The I/O development board allows for simple connection of most gaming peripherals as well as including LED indicators and switches to allow simulation of game I/O functions.

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