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Reliable Networking Architecture in the Intelligent Underground Pipeline Integrated System


Advantech’s EKI-7700 Managed Switch, EKI-1500 Device Server, and EKI-1200 Modbus gateway provides a solution for a demanding environment. How to achieve reliable networking architecture and provision power for IP Surveillance Cameras in the intelligent underground pipeline integrated system.

The Challenge

With IoT technique, the development of intelligent underground pipeline is widely considered in modern city infrastructure. By merging all those equipment and devices within city infrastructure, all the electrical, water pipeline, signaling and sewage system in the underground pipelines. It will be easily to maintain and safe to avoid destroying on purpose. However, an intelligent and automated surveillance system is necessary to centrally monitor and report any real-time status in the pipeline. Hence, reliable networking infrastructure interconnecting all those sensors and devices is more critical consideration. How to deploy the robust, quick maintain and centrally monitor all the networking topology?

From deploying sensors and collecting dynamic raw data in underground pipeline, all the serial data should be periodically updated to control center. As for the serial data transmission, long distance signal attenuation and noise interference need to be considered. Hence, we need to choose reliable and effective devices to convert those serial interface, RS-232/422/485, to corresponding data format through networking connection.

EKI-1500 Series Device Server

To monitor the field site and provide real-time video in the underground pipeline architecture, an intelligent surveillance system is necessary. Administrators can remotely monitor all the status in the pipeline and initially analyze the status of field site through surveillance system. Power over Ethernet (PoE) based IP Cam is efficient and easy to deploy in Ethernet networking. Also, by utilizing PoE features, IP cam can be powered through Ethernet devices, then control center can monitor the PoE status by networking monitor system, ex: WebAccess/NMS.

Through wired and wireless connection, all those sensors will be attached to the devices interconnecting to the networking backbone. To ensure the redundant networking connection, ring topology is required for fast recovery time once the cable is disconnected. To separate difference kind of traffic though devices, we can consider to design several rings for different types of devices, ex: traffic signals as one ring, video streaming as one ring, PLC and sensors are formed as one ring. By this design, we can guarantee the video streaming will have enough bandwidth and will not be occupied by other traffic. Also, the data for signaling will also have their guaranteed bandwidth to be transferred to control center.

The system architecture of underground pipeline system

The Solution

Advantech provides integrated solution including WebAccess/NMS to monitor all the networking devices. Industrial networking switches to construct redundant connection and devices servers & Modbus gateway to convert the serial signals to networking. This solution will also integrate and accelerate the development of modern intelligent underground pipeline system.

The Product

  • EKI-7700 series with PoE+ technology
  • EKI-1500 series device server
  • EKI-1200 series Modbus Gateway

The Features

  • 8 x IEEE 802.3 af/at PoE Fast Ethernet ports + 2 x Gigabit Copper/SFP combo port
  • X-Ring redundant topology
  • DIN rail, wall mountable and rack mountable
  • Wide-range operating temperature (-40 to +75°C) DC power
  • Accepts any MSA-compliant SFP• Dual 24~48 VDC power input and 1 relay output
  • Security: 802.1x (Port-Based, MD5/TLS/TTLS/PEAP Encryption), RADIUS
  • Management: SNMP v1/v2c/v3, WEB, Telnet, Console, Standard MIB, Private MIB
  • Redundancy: Gigabit X-Ring Pro (ultra-high speed recovery time < 20ms), MSTP/RSTP/STP (802.1S/1w/1D)

The Benefits

  • Flexible topology and easy to extend in the future
  • SFP socket for Easy and Flexible Fiber Expansion
  • Provides PoE+ technology for all copper ports
  • Any node supports redundancy in 20ms or less
  • Support wide voltage 24VDC to 52VDC
  • SNMP Management
  • IXM, an Advantech special function enabling fast deployment
  • VLANS, Port Mirroring
  • Fault Relay
  • Alarms and Traps to give the network administrator advanced notification of segment faults