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Enabling Wind Farm Remote Monitoring System and Control Room



With ample land and wind resources, China tops the world in wind power generation in terms of installed capacity as a result of governmental policy support and heavy investment. However, as many of their wind farms are located in remote deserts or wildernesses with poor communications, designing and building a remote monitoring and control system to improve wind power management and efficiency presents a unique challenge.

A China-based wind power company who operates dozens of wind farms across northern and western areas has already establishedinternal holistic monitoring control systems based on fiber-optic networks but for this particular project the company wanted to acquirereal-time operational status of the wind power facilities and establish predictive data for implementing efficient maintenance strategies.But this was a difficult challenge due to the lack of a reliable communication infrastructure and a monitoring system at the companyheadquarters, so they decided to deploy Advantech’s Edge Intelligence Server (EIS) solution.

Because EIS is integrated with WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense software, the company was able to quickly establish a remote monitoring control system connecting all equipment and sensors for their distributed wind facilities based on 3G/4G wireless communications. EIS is provisioned with powerful data acquisition, storage and communication capabilities, and supports breakpoint continual transmission ensuring data integrity and zero data loss. For some wind farms which are totally without wireless, EIS helped to establish a small onsite database for the company’s employees so that all data can be incorporated into a common data pool. In addition, the WISEPaaS/EdgeSense software allowed the customer to quickly and easily increase monitoring by installing add-on sensors to connect more onsite devices, providing unmatched system expandability and saving a lot of deployment time and capital investment.