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The Vision Inspection System for Machine Automation

As production costs rise, manufacturers are compelled to use ever more automated equipment to replace traditional workers and manual processes. Automated visual inspection equipment is one of the most widely applied examples at present. Our customer needed a simple and convenient way to develop inspection equipment for high speed production that would help manufacturers improve efficiency.
- A platform with sufficient computing performance
- Adequate external interfaces with common specifications
- High reliability and long-term durability under high-speed operation
- Longevity support, including multi-year support and service
Advantech introduced the AIIS-1240, which is an all-in-one machine with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability. In addition to having four PoE channels for image acquisition, there are four USB interfaces available for external connections, six COM ports and two LAN ports, as well as support for up to 20 DI and 20 DO channels, so System Integrators have very broad options for data collection. Inspection equipment that adopts this controller can have a plurality of different data inputs and outputs, including visual, sensing, and other functions.
The AIIS-1240 is equipped with a third-generation Intel® processor, so the system is capable of providing fast, stable computing power for dataprocessing even when it deals with multiple, dissimilar streams of dataat the same time. By using the all-in-one design concept, the customer can directly integrate various interface cards through USB and Ethernet ports, without expending much effort exploring or studying how to configure different controller cards; this produces good, fast time-to-market results.
For inspection equipment, Advantech’s AIIS-1240 forms an ideal part of an overall architecture. Based on an all-in-one design, this sub-system allows the System Integrator to easily connect peripheral components to a processing platform in order to collect image and sensor data. Meanwhile, the equipment development can proceed quickly through improved communication and integration. Because the AIIS-1240 supports commonindustrial interfaces rather than high-priced, proprietary hardware,the developer can control overall costs effectively. As a core control platform, AIIS-1240 offers a variety of input and output interfaces for complete communications, including image acquisition and sensor data collection, enabling it not only to meet customer requirements but also to provide the most timely and cost-effective solution.
Implemented Product
˙Intel® 3rd Core™ i7/i5/i3CPU (LGA1155)
˙4-CH GbE PoE (Power over Ethernet), IEEE 802.3af compliant
˙Volume less than 3 Liter
˙Easier fan filter maintenance
˙Isolated Digital I/O