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1U THIN Embedded PC for Key Duplication System



Key duplication self-service kiosks offer a service that fundamentally transforms how people can obtain new keys. Customers need only place their original key into the kiosk and choose the features of key they want and then the system will scan the key and duplicate a new one. This means that new keys can be obtained in three simple steps, at any time, without waiting, and with the confidence that no one can make a copy for themselves.


This self-service system comprises two internal areas. One area is for key manufacturing, containing a key engraving machine and equipment for collecting iron filings; the other area is the main system area, which houses a computer that connects all peripheral devices (e.g., card reader, web cam, and camera scanner). However, the space has limited room for an embedded computer after all of the peripheral devices have been connected. For such applications, Advantech’s EPC-T1215 1U THIN, fanless compact system offers a total solution. The EPC-T1215 is powered by an Intel® Atom™ J1900 processor and offers rich I/O options that meet the kiosk’s needs with regard to connecting various types of peripheral equipment. The 1U THIN design solves the space limitation problem, while the fanless design also has the additional benefit of eliminating the need for system fan maintenance. As with every type of kiosk, a unique user interface must be developed so that customers can select general functions, such as the type of key they want or their preferred payment method. A program must also be written to control the drill speed, remove metal flashing, and perform other complex actions. For such design considerations, the system BIOS typically needs to be customized; Advantech offers this BIOS customization service to support customers with setting up functional kiosk systems, including machine vision inspection, automated drilling/cutting, and payment systems.