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Toward Smart and Efficient Ports Advantech Plays Critical Role in Transforming Port of Shenzhen

Photos provided by Advantech in Chongqing’s  

Interview with Gary Huang, Product Sale Manager, Advantech iLogistics 


As one of the world’s busiest container ports, the port of Shenzhen must ensure that traffic flows efficiently. The main objective of the terminal operator is to help freight ships minimize their time in port by optimizing the flow of goods and achieving fast customs clearance.

Greater safety, security, and efficiency

With high competition, the container port industry faces the challenges of better safety performance, greater operational complexity as a result of much bigger ships, managing congestion risk, staying profitable through shipping line economic cycles, and doing more with less space. To enhance operations, the Port of Shenzhen has embarked on a digital transformation journey to become a smart port. The first step on this journey is the implementation of a smart crane system developed by Intellindata and Advantech to achieve greater safety, security and efficiency.

The Chiwan container terminal is one of the areas in the Port of Shenzhen where this system has been adopted. “The container-logistic includes three parts: the crane by the quayside receives order from the management system to unload the containers in sequence, the management system sends orders to nearby trucks, to move the containers to designated yard.” Gary Huang, Product Sale Manager of Advantech iLogistics, stated “with the smart crane system developed by Intellindata and Advantech, workers simply monitor container handling equipment such as gantries, cranes and van carriers, so as to ensure that operations run smoothly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.”

The architecture of the smart crane system features the Advantech DLT-V8312 sl im vehicle-mounted terminal with rugged design to provide a long lifespan and increased uptime on the cranes, even in the extreme environments and the monitoring application developed by Intellindata. This terminal optimizes data communication between cranes, trucks and management systems through wireless networks.

During these operations, the Advantech DLT-V8312 collects operational data and sends it to the management system for task monitoring and further data analyzing. The operators in the office can track the status of each crane in real time, so as to keep abreast of loading schedules for asset and task allocation optimization. In addition, crane drivers are immediately notified of changes in cargo information from the ship to avoid loading the containers with the wrong sequence, which will help raise productivity.

The excellent performance by the smart crane system has also attracted the attention of other terminals. For instance, the Dachanwan terminal of the Port of Shenzhen has adopted Advantech DLT-V4108 rugged vehicle-mounted terminal with integrated keyboard to optimize the trailer operation with great performance.

High productivity with smart logistics systems

Intellindata and Advantech are looking beyond the Port of Shenzhen and are aggressively promoting their smart solutions to more ports across China.

The Port of Guoyuan, situated Photos provided by Advantech in Chongqing’s Liangjiang New Area, plans to transform itself into a smart port with fully automated operations covering container wharfs and storage yards. Intellindata and Advantech have provided smart logistics system and professional consulting services to help the port’s operators realize their goals concerning smart operations.

With the end-to-end system offered by Intellindata and Advantech, instructions to all trucks, forklifts and cranes in the container terminal are sent through the central command system. Dispatch trucks from logistics companies get permission to enter the wharf after their license plates have been verified. Once the containers have been loaded onto the trucks, cameras and sensors installed at the gates once again automatically verify license plates and container numbers and allow them to exit. All operational data is transmitted to the cloud and managed by the central command center for data analysis to optimize overall logistics. The architecture of the smart logistics system features the Advantech TREK-734; a RISC-based open platform all-in-one light-duty mobile data terminal equipped with dual microphones, speakers and sunlight-readable 8” display to provide a long lifespan and increased uptime on the trailer or forklift even in the harsh environments, and the monitoring application developed by Intellindata.

Intellindata and Advantech’s smart logistics solutions manage more than just the cargo flow in and out of ports. Vehicles are dispatched and monitored through the fleet management system to ensure that cargo safely reaches third-party logistics centers. Workers don’t need to print hard copy receipts anymore; they can simply trace the real-time status via the GPS-equipped system. Meanwhile, the port operators are quite satisfied with the reduction of the container transportation rate.

Win-win partnerships in the smart port ecosystem

Today, global ports and terminals are facing ongoing pressure to reduce operational costs, implement appropriate security measures, and mitigate the effects of climate change. In this context, Advantech works closely with domain partners to help operators develop comprehensive smart port strategies to improve operations with new technologies.

Advantech and its domain partners offer reliable end-to-end solutions to achieve zero-downtime smart port operations with Advantech’s rugged and stable design terminals with the certifications of Navis N3 TOS, such as Advantech DLT-V83, DLT-V72, which are the best solution for port operators to build up the international smart port.

Gary Huang stated that “Advantech’s products can perform reliably even in harsh environments with serious vibrations, and are therefore ideal for ports. Advantech’s international staff offer professional services to support partners in addressing market needs.” Industrial partners can leverage Advantech’s product and services to develop the end to end smart port solution to support the port managers to accelerate the transformation toward smart port.

In fact, many of Advantech’s domain partners said Advantech’s complete end-to-end and flexible solutions allow them to meet customer demand and realize our goal of building smart ports.

“We are fully committed to creating a knowledge sharing ecosystem with partners and port operators, so as to accelerate the development of smart ports.” said Gary Huang. Advantech sincerely invites the domain partners to join the ecosystem to co-create a bright future.