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Advantech AIMB-586 Server-Grade Motherboard: Superior Surveillance Solutions



With increasing industry focus on safety and security, demand for video surveillance analysis and functionality has become more popular. While event recording enhances security and safety, surveillance systems require high-computing performance, large media storage expansion capability, and stable connections to IP cameras and networks for agile and precise data transmission and information management. Advantech’s AIMB-586WG, a server-grade Micro-ATX motherboard with featuring considerable expansibility and software RAID for security, can help.


Today’s surveillance systems have moved beyond simple low-resolution video capture to massive networks capturing 4K video and leveraging advanced analytics to unlock business value from video recordings. With advancements in IP camera resolution, 4K cameras create eight times the data of 1080p cameras—tightening the capacity and bandwidth of storage infrastructure. Performing camera-based analytics, like real-time security detection for related objects and events, generates large amounts of data and requires high-performance processors to sustain system operation. For remote surveillance applications, surveillance systems require reliable wireless and/or wired networks to connect the edge system with the cloud server for data transmission and remote management.

In addition to the detection of objects and data transmission, demand on back-end data centers increases due to real-team processing. This results in a surge in the volume and velocity of surveillance data at the edge and creates demand for storage solutions that support high performance requirements. Surveillance systems face the following challenges:

  • High-performance demand on processors
  • Heavy data transmission with reliable network connectivity
  • Multiple I/O ports and slot expansibility for various applications
  • Remote management that supports 24/7 operation
  • Stable data protection in the field

The Solution

Advantech AIMB-586WG, a server-grade Micro-ATX motherboard, supports Intel® 9th Xeon® E Processor with up to an eight core selection and a maximum of 128GB of ECC memory support. Offering up to a 15% performance improvement in processor multi-threaded performance, AIMB-586WG2 provides server-grade computing power in surveillance applications for different user scenarios.

With up to eight SATA III ports onboard, along with multiple I/O ports and expansion slots, customers can easily deploy equipment to fulfill different location needs. Equipped with an M.2 E key slot, AIMB-586WG utilizes LTE. Bluetooth modules fulfill wireless applications to provide customers access to edge systems with the edge server. With software RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 supported, customers can manage data backup by relying on CPU processors without extra cost for physical RAID module installation. AIMB-586WG2 provides not only flexibility and convenience to customers, but also saves on the cost of customer equipment deployment.

The Result

Advantech’s Micro-ATX advanced industrial motherboard has been a mainstay in the embedded board market for over a decade. Customers are satisfied with its standardized but flexible design. The standard form factor provides excellent computing efficiency with up-to-date technology that can feed in network video recorder server systems. The flexibility of the motherboard supports multiple I/O and slot expansibility—providing motherboard functionality that is ideal for embedded applications.