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Advantech WebOP-3000T Series the First RISC Open Platform HMI to get UL508 Certification


Launched in July 2013, the WebOP-3000T series is the first Advantech RISC open platform to be given UL508 safety certification. UL508 gives customers the reassurance that these models, in the Industrial Equipment Class, have passed many stringent safety tests including: being fire-retardant, remaining undamaged by high temperatures and aren’t affected by over-voltage and under-voltage conditions, plus many more.


Ideal for use in machine manufacturing industries such as semi-conductor manufacture these newly designed models, with flat panel IP66 certified aluminum edging, include the latest Texas Instruments Cortex-A8 processor which is not only faster but also consumes the minimum amount of power and also support for CANopen, Modbus and Ethernet protocols to ensure that they’ll connect to your existing network.


Unique in their class, the new WebOP 3000 series have dual Level 4 Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection and fully meet IEC-61000 requirements. This level of protection makes them ideal for work in semi-conductor factories where ESD is a major concern.


To protect the models from sudden spikes in the electricity supply, the WebOP-3000T series is equipped with power and terminal I/O port isolation protection so that in the event of power surges the panel’s components will not be affected. This level of protection not only prevents immediate damage to the devices but also increases the life of the products.


In the event of power failure to the WebOPs, they are protected against immediate data loss by the inclusion of 128KB FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) which doesn’t require a battery to operate. Storage memory is 512MB SLC flash memory, which provides faster access times and 100,000 read-write cycles making it ideal for heavy use industrial applications thatalso require lower power consumption.


To further enhance these model’s specifications they have been designed to work in temperatures as low as -20oC and as high as 60oC so they’ll continue to work in the harshest of environments.


With their powerful features, the WebOP 3000 series are latest operator panels to be used in restricted environments such as: automated parking, bottling plants, semi-conductor manufacturing, petrochemical plants and many more.


The WebOP-3070T, WebOP-3100T, WebOP-3120T and WebOP-3150T are available immediately.


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