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Advantech Launches GUI-Based VisionNavi/Inspect Software to Accelerate Machine Vision Operations


October 2020 Taipei, Taiwan - Advantech, a leading industrial computing platform provider, is pleased to announce the release of VisionNavi/Inspect, a configurable GUI-based machine vision application software. VisionNavi/Inspect features a user-friendly flowchart-based interface design to develop and deploy multiple tasks for complex machine vision applications. The software provides an easy approach to machine vision development without the need for advanced programming skills.

Multi-camera support and flexible licensing

Traditional machine vision system software supports a maximum of two to four cameras. However, for larger multi-camera applications, the cost will increase as more demands are put on the computing platforms. Advantech’s VisionNavi/Inspect can support a maximum of six cameras on a single platform, reducing costs and simplifying maintenance. VisionNavi/Inspect also offers flexible licensing options — including full, ID, and alignment licenses — making it a cost-effective choice for users seeking a machine vision software solution.

Intuitive flowchart-based GUI enables easy integration

Customization Integration is an essential element of machine vision software and with the external API functions and user-friendly flowchart-based software, VisionNavi/Inspect can fulfill customized application requirements and simplify integration requirements. Using VisionNavi/Inspect, developers can quickly complete their application tasks following four simple steps: vision capture, processing, conditional statements, and results. This solution offers users a simple method for building systems that reduce potential maintenance costs

Benefits of VisionNavi/Inspect

Guidance and alignment for assembly applications

  • Supports high-resolution cameras for high-precision alignment 
  • Distortion correction lowers optics deviation
  • Built-in coordinate corrections
  • XYT compensation calculations
  • Standard protocol communication for PLC, robots and motion controllers

Metal-processing for quality assurance applications:

  • Supports high-resolution cameras for high-accuracy measurements
  • Line, circle, angle, arc gauging tools in sub-pixel accuracy
  • Define NG/OK criteria for object classification
  • Communication with position sensors, PLC, and motion controllers via standard protocols

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