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Advantech's USM-110 Ultra-Compact RISC-Based Digital Signage Player Offers Superb Graphic Performance


Taipei, Taiwan, August 30, 2018 – Advantech, a leading provider of certified computing systems and services, is pleased to introduce USM-110 – an ultra-compact digital signage player. Equipped with an Arm® Cortex®-A17 RISC-based quad-core processor, up to 2 GB of memory, and 32 GB storage, this fanless box PC is aimed at markets that demand high-performance graphics in a cost-effective platform. In addition to supporting 4K 60fps resolution and full HD video output, USM-110 offers enhanced heat dissipation to ensure stable and reliable operation. To facilitate various retail and hospitality applications, USM-110 supports multiple mount options, ensuring easy installation in diverse environments. Moreover, USM-110 is integrated with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS digital signage management software, which supports remote management for convenient real-time control. USM-110 provides the ideal multi-functional digital signage player for a wide range of digital signage applications.

Fanless, RISC-Based Digital Signage Player Delivers Superior Performance

Powered by an Arm® Cortex®-A17 RISC-based processor that supports the Android 6.0 operating system, Advantech’s USM-110 digital signage player delivers superior graphics with up to 4K resolution and supports dual Full HD video output. The system’s fanless design ensures quiet operation and reduces the accumulation of dust and foreign contaminants. Designed to provide an environmentally friendly solution, the system’s low power consumption can reduce energy costs without sacrifices in functionality or performance. Additionally, this cost-effective system also offers enhanced heat dissipation, which extends the product’s overall service life.

Ultra-Compact Design Supports Diverse Mount Options for Easy Installation

USM-110 is ultra-compact (156 x 110 x 27 mm) system that supports various mount options, including VESA, panel, pole, and DIN-rail mounting, making it ideal for installing on small countertops and in confined spaces. The system I/O, which includes 2 x HDMI, 1 x COM, 4 x USB 2.0, and 1 x OTG USB, allows the USM-110 digital signage player to be integrated with dual displays and additional peripherals, such as an RFID reader or barcode scanner, in order to support various retail and hospitality applications.

Supports Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS Digital Signage Management Software

USM-110 is also equipped with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS web-based digital signage management software. This centralized management platform allows users to layout, schedule, and dispatch signage contents to the USM-110 digital signage player over the Internet, enabling remote delivery of diverse high-resolution multimedia. Furthermore, the WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS software platform provides a WISE Agent framework for data acquisition and supports RESTful API web services for accessing and controlling applications from the USM-110 player.

Advantech’s USM-110 is a cost-effective and ultra-compact solution for displaying and managing digital signage content. With its excellent graphics performance, installation flexibility, integrated digital signage management software, USM-110 can satisfy diverse industry requirements and support a wide range of digital signage applications.

Key Features

  • Built-in Arm® Cortex®-A17 quad-core processor delivers superior graphics performance
  • RISC-based platform offers enhanced heat dissipation for an extended service life
  • Ultra-compact design with support for various mount options ensures flexible installation
  • Supports dual-HDMI video outputs of up to 4K resolution
  • Supports WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS web-based digital signage management software
  • Supports Android 6.0