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Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference - Co-Creating AIoT Ecosystem Through Embedded Innovations and AI Edge Intelligence


The IoT era ushers in the next industrial revolution and you will see many IoT-enabled opportunities become a reality in the near future. To co-create future IoT business development together with partners, Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference aspires to build a collaborative business ecosystem between diverse IoT industry leaders from a variety of industrial fields. We believe industrial collaboration and partnership will bring more new AIoT business for all attendants in 2020 and beyond.

There are over 400 customers and partners from 50 countries participating in the Advantech Embedded IoT World Partner Conference, co-creating future IoT business development together. The conference theme is, Leading Embedded Innovation into an AIoT Future. It will showcase various IoT and AIoT related solutions co-created by Advantech, its partners, and customers from around the world. In addition, Advantech has invited strategic partners to share their insights and perspectives on AI, edge computing, wireless networks, information security, and also their perspectives on co-creation and building technology ecosystems.

The conference not only shared Advantech’s strategy on EIoT system platforms but also showcased the complete EIoT ecosystem that the theme covered such as embedded design-in services, edge AI and intelligence solutions, wireless connectivity solutions, and design and manufacturing services. At the same time, there were demonstrations of WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn, a software that fully manages IoT devices and equipment in various real-case scenarios. Additionally, Advantech also invited Microsoft, McAfee, Chunghwa Telecom, HwaCom Systems, Tong Cheng, Parktron Technology, Yujin Robot, KOLON BENIT, iProd, and TED, totaling 11 partners from both domestically and abroad who participated in the exhibition.

Advantech is therefore gathering and accepting all innovative ideas in co-creation with external ecosystem partners, and establishing specific resources for long-term cultivation across a variety of industries, which will drive Advantech to a better and brighter future in AIoT. 

For more event videos, please visit Advantech AIoT Connect YouTube channel

For more event inforation and slides download, please visit Embedded-IoT WPC Website