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What We Can Do For You

Advantech’s AIoT Appliances DMS delivers AI and IoT total solutions, while providing a one-stop-shop for bespoke embedded boards and resilient design systems. We use machine vision to empower AI, and focuses on wireless for advanced connectivity. We also provide sensing elements for smart-city and industrial applications — including transportation, robotics/drones, surveillance systems, and medical/autonomous machines. By harnessing the power of AI and sensing technology, our AIoT Appliances solutions help users upgrade their applications seamlessly. In addition, our services include application programming interfaces (API) and RF connectivity; and are supported by various testing and certification resources.

Autonomous Machine Vision

  • Xilinx/Altera FPGA video solutions
  • NVIDA Jetson AI image solutions
  • AI training model & inferencing
  • Facial & objective recognition

IoT Sensing Connectivity

  • 5G, Wi-Fi 6 & NB-IoT wireless
  • Sensor nodes & gateway systems
  • Smart city & factory automation

Various Edge AI Solutions

  • Large storage capacities
  • Data logger for image processing
  • Self-driving vehicle applications

Key Advantages

Tier One Partners Alliance

Working directly with major silicon vendors to provide users with excellent, speedy technical support

Intelligent Computing Platforms

Leading computing platforms and reference design

Comprehensive Total Solutions

Leading industrial storage, memory, and wireless solutions

Tailor-Made Integration Services

Customization and integration services

Feature Innovations

Autonomous Machine Vision

Vision computing is a compelling AI technology applicable to construction (e.g. crane monitoring), retail, enterprise security, and public safety management applications. Advantech’s AIoT Appliance DMS team helps customers choose effective solutions for their applications. We also provide customized designs and manufacturing services that fulfill a wide range of requirements.

AI integrated platforms
  1. NVIDIA Jetson and Quadro Series
  2. Intel® Movidius™
  3. Xilinx AI ZYNC FPGA

Application Story

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Applications

Dangerous environments necessitate the use of AI technology to ensure safety. Construction equipment augmented with facial recognition technology can ensure safety by identifying licensed operators. Advantech’s AIoT Appliance DMS team offers a series of vision accelerated computing platforms equipped with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Modules, built-in LTE/Wi-Fi modules, and cameras (upon request).

Key Success Factors:

  1. Built-in NVIDIA Jetson with thermal optimization
  2. Seamless IP cameras and service integration

IoT Sensing Connectivity

IoT Connectivity links network nodes and communication functions for peripheral devices, and extends them into edge computing. Edge computing improves data quality and processing capabilities at the edge while implementing emerging technologies like AI and 5G. Advantech's IoT Appliance Solutions (IAS) DMS team provides x86 and RISC computing architectures powered by Xilinx FPGA and MCU based software.

Application Story

Factory Edge HVAC Gateway Solutions

A European global network operator sought a rugged, reliable industrial-grade wireless solution adaptable to diverse environmental conditions for use in critical infrastructure. Advantech’s IAS DMS team developed a reliable, comprehensive solution capable of seamlessly integrating API for platform flexibility and lower cost of ownership.

Key Success Factors:

  1. Wi-Fi and BLE connectivity
  2. Wide temperature support: -20 ~ 75 °C (-4 ~ 167 °F)
  3. Isolation design on major control I/O
  4. Embedded WISE-PaaS/RMM and customized SUSI API
  5. UL and FCC (North America), RCM (Australia), CE/RED (Europe), EAC (Russia), and CCC and SRRC (China) Certifications

Various Edge AI Solutions

Speedy file transmission and large data storage are core demands and key success factors in industrial applications. Similarly, application device survivability is a main concern for enterprises. Devices need to be capable of withstanding the wide temperatures, shock, vibration, and dust found in industrial environments.

Value-Added Benefits
  1. Tier-1 quality NANDs from global leading vendors
  2. Ruggedized, anti-vibration, and thermal-resistant system design
  3. Wide-range operating temperatures (-40 ~ 70 °C /-40 ~ 167 °F)
  4. Customized NVMe SSD control firmware for optimized performance
Application Story

High-speed Data Storage System with Superior Capacity

Advantech’s AIoT Appliance DMS team was approached by a global autonomous vehicle manufacturer for assistance with a product under development. The manufacturer was seeking the best reliable industrial-grade data storage solutions on the market. Advantech developed a custom total solution based on their projected usage scenarios. This solution met wide-range temperature and high-speed 64 TB data storage requirements. Advantech’s solution greatly improved storage system durability and reliability while addressing issues related to data transmission delays and capacity limitations.

Key Success Factors:

  1. Industrial-grade NVMe SSDs
  2. Custom firmware design services, microcontrollers (MCU)
  3. Excellent thermal performance

Demonstration Kits

EBC-X01 FPGA/x86 Integration for Media Streaming

  1. X86 based computing with Xilinx FPGA
  2. Type 6/10 computer-on-module (COM)
  3. Flexible FPGA on daughter card with multiple HDMI video input/output
  4. Diverse carrier board I/O

AMV-RN01 AI Vision with NVIDA JETSON Xavier NX

Advantech integrates NVIDIA JETSON Xavier NX with multiple cameras for AI facial recognition and human body temperature detection.

AI facial recognition
Body temperature detection
Human-centric design

EBC-X02 Intel® CFL/64TB High-Speed Storage System

  1. X86-based computing with 64TB high-speed NVMe SSDs
  2. Intel Coffee Lake x86 computing
  3. 64TB storage capacity
  4. 7,000 MB/s (7GB/s) read; 5,000 MB/s (5GB/s) write

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