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Break through edge computing speed ceilings

  • Military mechanical certification DRAM
  • Wide-temperature support
  • Robust solution
  • Customization and value-added service
  • Smart DRAM management software
  • SPD lock , Thermal solution
    Pioneering DDR5 Memory for Industrial Market
  • Breakthrough Performance, Innovative Rugged Design

    SQRAM delivers a wide spectrum product portfolio for AI and industrial applications and all SQRAM memory modules use fixed die ICs to ensure quality and compatibility while providing a 3-year longevity guarantee. The series offers ruggedized wide temperature solutions with an extra sidefill and coating service for harsh environments. Our unique software solution helps you easily monitor SQRAM temperature and status.

    • DDR5 Memory

      SQRAM DDR5 offers extreme high speed with 4800 MT/s data transfer rate and high efficiency power management.

    • DDR4 Memory

      SQRAM DDR4 memory modules perform at superior speeds of up to 3200 MT/s, a 20% reduction in power consumption, and higher capacity than DDR3.

    • DDR3 Memory

      SQRAM offers DDR3 memory modules with Samsung or Hynix chips and DDR3L of low voltage 1.35v backward to 1.5V compatible with Intel and AMD platforms.

    • DDR2 Memory

      SQRAM DDR2 memory modules deliver 667/800 MT/s frequency with longevity support for legacy markets.

    • DDR1 Memory

      SQRAM provides DDR1 memory modules for standard and extended temperature operations with extended longevity.

  • Key Features

    • Wide-temperature Support
      • Wide temperature support: -40 ~ 85 °C
      • Extended temperature support: -20 ~ 85 °C
      • Optional industrial heatsink
    • Robust Solution
      • 48hr burn-in test program
      • Rugged DIMM with mounting holes resist shock and extreme vibration
      • Fixed BOM and 3-year longevity
    • Customization and Value-added Services
      • Conformal coating/sidefill
      • Anti-sulfur protection
    • Smart DRAM Management Software
      • Manage up to 8-slot SQRAM memory modules
      • Monitor operating temperatures and real-time system speeds with ease
      • Overheating alerts
      • Background dynamic monitoring
    • Military Mechnical Certification
      • MIL-810G verified
      • Passed test with 6 directions, 18 shocks
    • SPD Lock
      • Secure DRAM parameter settings
      • Stabilize system operating
  • Warranty Policy

    • Warranty Period

      Advantech branded off-the-shelf products and 3rd party off-the-shelf products used to assemble Advantech Configure to Order products are entitled to a 2 years complete and prompt global warranty service. Product defect in design, materials, and workmanship, are covered from the date of shipment.

      All customized products will by default carry a 15 months regional warranty service. The actual product warranty terms and conditions may vary based on sales contract.

      All 3rd party products purchased separately will be covered by the original manufacturer's warranty and time period, and shall not exceed one year of coverage through Advantech

    • Repairs under Warranty

      It is possible to obtain a replacement (Cross-Shipment) during the first 30 days of the purchase, thru your original ADVANTECH supplier to arrange DOA replacement if the products were purchased directly from ADVANTECH and the product is DOA (Dead-on-Arrival). The DOA Cross-Shipment excludes any shipping damage, customized and/or build-to-order products.

      For those products which are not DOA, the return fee to an authorized ADVANTECH repair facility will be at the customers' expense. The shipping fee for reconstructive products from ADVANTECH back to customers' sites will be at ADVANTECH's expense.

    • Exclusions from Warranty

      The product is excluded from warranty if :

      • The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.
      • Warranty has been voided by removal or alternation of product or part identification labels.
      • The product has been misused, abused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly/modification; placed in an unsuitable physical or operating environment; improperly maintained by the customer; or failure caused which ADVANTECH is not responsible whether by accident or other cause. Such conditions will be determined by ADVANTECH at its sole unfettered discretion.
      • The product is damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster such as a lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.
      • Product updates/upgrades and tests upon the request of customers who are without warranty.
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    Contact us to customize your own secure storage and memory solution!
    • 1 Using copper pillars and screws to mount the module onto PCB
    • 2 Sidefill for connection robustness
    • 3 Anti-Sulfuration wide temperature
    • 4 Conformal coating