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Bringing AI to the Edge-Application Case


Advantech AI Edge Solutions – MIC Jetson series, powered by full NVIDIA® Jetson™ platform, which gets all the performance of a GPU workstation in an embedded module.Featuring strict validation to ensure thermal, mechanical, and electrical compatibility, plus industrial-grade anti-vibration, high temperature operation capabilities, and modular, compact-sized design, Advantech’s MIC Jetson series are perfect hardware platforms for the surveillance, transportation, and manufacturing sectors.

Case 1- Traffic Monitoring

MIC-720AI leverages AI inference technology to perform traffic monitoring on massive amounts of collected data; surpassing traditional vehicle recognition methods used for object tracking. 

MIC-720AI fulfills deep learning computing requirements at the roadside, where metadata is packaged and transmitted to the central control room. It also provides multiple interfaces to integrate with other traffic equipment. 

Case 2- Quality Control in Cookies Factory

To maintain consistent quality for bakeries, MIC-720AI deploys various AI models to ensure that all cookies are well baked in the production line. Compared to traditional quality control procedures performed through visual inspection, AI inference detects subtle levels of difference in how individual cookies are baked, adjusts the oven to meet quality standards, and avoids under-baked or overbaked products. 

Case 3- AI Defect Inspection for Textile 

AI inference requires high computation and needs a GPU-based solution to accelerate the computation. MIC-730AI is powered by an NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ GPU and is employed as the edge AI system. MIC-730AI's great processing power makes it possible to automatically inspect high-precision textile goods with better speed and accuracy. 

Textile defect inspections using AI inference technology can efficiently identify the most subtle defects and ensure high quality products.

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Case 4- Multiple-model AI Inspection for Heat Sink 

MIC-730AI conducts AI image analysis to compare and identify heat sinks with appearance defects. This is made possible by feeding AI model training system with images of defective products that collected from clients, prior to the import of software and hardware. After AI model completes relevant training, the trained models are placed into the MIC-730AI. 

AI visual inspection can then be conducted to evaluate the flatness and identify crushes, stains, scratches and other defects that are difficult to categorize through general physical rules.

Case 5- AI  Analysis: Identifying Critical Production Bottlenecks 

The Human Factor Information Datamation AI System uses cameras to record worker actions and then analyze images and video through AI inference. This system assists foundries in identifying bottlenecks and improving production efficiency.

Five major electronic manufacturing service foundries adopt this systems. With the aid of AI deep-learning software, factories increased their Unit Per Hour (UPH) by 5% within only two months.

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Advantech Industrial Edge AI
flyer and selection guide

Key Product-Edge AI Computing System

AI Inference System based on NVIDIA Jetson Tegra X2

AI Inference System based on NVIDIA Jetson Nano

AI Inference System based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

AI Inference System based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

Key Product- Edge AI Video System

8ch AI Network Video Recorder on NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™

8ch AI Network Video Recorder on NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™

8ch AI Network Video System on NVIDIA Jetson NX