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Design To Order Services

DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

DeviceOn Helps Maintain Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
Automated external defibrillators (AED) are compact devices that deliver life-saving electric shocks to victims of cardiac arrest. Like fire extinguishers, AED are distributed around office buildings and public infrastructure for use in emergencies — and are thus hard to manage and maintain.
90-Second Transport Hub Solutions via DeviceOn Anomaly Detection
Managing digital signage in public areas can be challenging. Pop-up windows and frozen/blue screens are common issues that users encounter. Pop-up windows appear unexpectedly and interrupt work flows.
Auto System Recovery Boosts Smart Grid Availability
Smart grids fail for myriad reasons. One of their main weakness is a vulnerability to hacking and sabotage. This is due to their reliance on the cloud — a fragile and complex network of data centers that is more susceptible to blackouts than traditional systems.
OTA Updates and Container Management Reduces Smart Transportation Maintenance Costs by 50%
Managing AI applications on edge devices can be difficult as the computers used tend to be distributed across wide areas. Maintenance can also be a challenge when deploying and maintaining edge AI devices on traffic poles across sprawling cities.
SQFlash Ultra-Speed Rugged NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD for 5G Edge Computing in Data Logging Applications
5G edge servers used in Data Logging applications must provide low-latency, high-bandwidth computing resources at the network edge. This enables faster and more efficient data processing. These resources are particularly useful in surveillance, in-vehicle, and aviation applications.

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