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Design To Order Services

DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

Compact Display Kit Simplifies AMR Operation

NFC-Enabled Batteryless ePaper Solution with EPD-302/303/304
The EPD-302/303/304 models represent a significant advancement in sustainable technology by providing NFC-enabled, batteryless ePaper solutions. These products are designed to replace traditional paper, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.
How ePaper Technology Helps Protect the Earth- A Green ePaper Solution for Various Sectors
Advantech Foundation's main project for sustainable education ACT dreamer (ACT 夢想家計畫) emphasizes the inefficiency of using disposable paper badges for events, which generate unnecessary waste. By switching to reusable ePaper badges, Advantech addresses this issue effectively.
Revolutionizing High-End Medical Imaging with Advantech SQR-SD5N Integration

Elevating Enterprise Performance: Utilizing SQF CU-2 EU2 in Multinucleated Cell Detection
Discover how Advantech's SQF EU2 SSDs transform medical data handling with fast, dependable storage for cutting-edge medical technologies.

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