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Cellular Routers and Gateways

Advantech routing technology allows users to easily establish connectivity between isolated networks, giving greater flexibility for building secure applications. The involved technologies include VPNs, which provide secure remote access for users; network address translation (NAT), which hides users’ web servers behind our router with destination NAT; network-based firewalls, which secure infrastructure. All of them can be used to create application tiers on different isolated networks by lever

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Product Categories

  • Entry Level 4G Routers

    LTE routers with Ethernet 10/100, RS232/485 and WiFi accommodate powerful CPUs and memory for IoT applications.

  • High Speed 4G/5G Routers & Edge Computing Gateways

    Ultra high-speed 4G/5G (new radio) routers and powerful edge computing gateways which

  • Industrial 4G/LTE Routers & Gateways

    The SmartStart LTE Cat.4 & LTE Cat.1 family of cellular routers and gateways are the perfect way to connect RS232 and Ethernet devices

  • Industrial IoT 4G LTE Router & Gateway

    The ICR-3200 LTE 4G family of industrial IoT cellular routers and gateways are the perfect way to connect Ethernet and RS232/RS458 devices via cellular network to cloud IoT platforms as well as to taditional industrial systems and SCADA.

  • Industrial Advanced 4G/LTE Routers & Gateways

    The SmartFlex LTE Cat.4 & Cat.3 family of industrial 4G/LTE Routers & Gateways are the perfect way to connect devices equipped with Ethernet ports (up to 5x ETH) or serial devices equipped RS232 or RS485. SmartFlex has a flexible, modular hardware design to support more complex interface options. Its dual SIM provides failover back-up wireless 4G/LTE connectivity. SmartFlex, with its powerful CPU and enhanced memory is the ideal platform for hosting high demand customer SW applications. Its open

  • Industrial Dual Module 4G/LTE Routers

    The SmartMotion 4G/LTE router offers twin, interdependent cellular modules with two SIM slots each to support multiple cell carriers. Mission critical business continuity is never a problem with SmartMotion’s advanced failover architecture and Load Balancing feature which simultaneously receives Cellular, WiFi and Ethernet data.

  • EN 50155 Railway 4G Routers

    EN50155 designed railway LTE cellular router for operation in trains or trams.

  • Industrial Modular Routers

    The XR5 v2 family of Industrial wired Modbus routers provide reliable and secure LAN/WAN applications in Ethernet networks. It supports firewall and many other essential networking functions built in. Additional RS232 and RS485 serial ports enhance utility for various industrial applications and allow for the conversion of legacy protocols such as MODBUS RTU. An optional WiFi interface can also act as an AP (Access Point) as well as a standard WiFi Client connected to existing WiFi networks. Va

  • Accessories

    Accessories and spare parts for all types of cellular routers. Expansion boards, DIN holders, cables, module connectors, and Ethernet connectors.

  • Power supplies

    Advantech provides power solutions for industrial applications such as wall mount power supplies, power supplies for routers with PoE PSE functionality, power Cords ,power bricks and more.

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  • Antennas


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  • Advantech Industrial Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

    Advantech integrates technologies, such as time-sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, with existing Modbus, Fieldbus, and Ethernet capabilities to provide seamless connectivity via industrial switches, routers, gateways, media and serial converters.