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Ranger 2311: 1-port USB 2.0-1.1 Extender, 100m, Cat5e/6/7, Flexible Local/Remote Power, 100-240V NATAM PS

  • Flexible power - connect power adapter to either LEX or REX
  • Supplies up to 1 Amp to USB port
  • Mass storage acceleration for USB 2.0 device bulk transfers
  • Throughput support: up to 480 Mbps
  • ExtremeUSB® features: transparent USB extension, plug and play, no software drivers required
  • Works with all major operating systems: Windows®, macOS™, Linux®
  • Power adapter cord included (North America)
USB Ranger® 2231 series, Model 00-00401. is an advanced USB extender that can extend USB 2.0 connections up to 100m (330 ft) over Cat 5e or better cabling. It offers flexible powering ability to apply power to either the local extender or the remote extender. With ExtremeUSB technology, the Ranger 2311 is a plug-and-play solution and does not require software or driver installation. In addition, the USB 2.0 extender supports all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and all USB device types such as keyboards, mice, flash drives, interactive white boards, audio devices and other USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices. USB Ranger 2231, Model BB-00-00401 includes: Remote extender (REX), Local extender (LEX), 1 x USB 2.0 Type A to Type B cable, 100-240V power adapter, North America power cord, Quick start guide. (Note: does NOT include CAT5e cable.) Applications: interactive white boards, sensor/data acquisition, keyboard and mouse extension, industrial control Note: Ranger 2311 features flexible power, allowing the installer to connect the supplied 24V, 1A power adapter to either the LEX or REX unit for normal extension system operation. When powering at the LEX, take care not to plug the remote side of the Cat 5e/6/7 link cable directly into equipment other than the REX to avoid possible damage - as flexible power is different from Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and will only properly power the REX.

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