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【Phase Out】Intel 4th Generation CPU


PAPS formally announces that we have phased out following products. This announcement will take effect immediately. Please review this phase-out notice carefully and contact your regional PAPS buyer immediately if your customers have any further inquiries on these items.

Phase Out Reason: 

Intel Haswell & Haswell-WS CPU EOL   


  • Phase Out Date (EOL): 2022/11/22
  • Last Time Buy (LTB): 2022/12/02
  • Last Shipment Date: 2023/12/03

Phased-out Products:

  • 96MPCL-2.2-3M10T / INTEL CELERON 2.2G 2MB 1150P G1820TE
  • 96MPCL-2.7-2M10T / INTEL CELERON 2.7G 2MB 1150P G1820
  • 96MPP-2.3-3M10T / PENTIUM 2.3F 3M 1150P TRAY G3320TE
  • 96MPP-3.2G-3M10T / PENTIUM 3.2G 3M 1150P G3420
  • 96MPI3-3.5-4M10T / CORE 3.5G 4M 1150P 2CORE I3-4330
  • 96MPI3-2.4-4M10T / CORE 2.4G 4M 1150P 2CORE I3-4330TE
  • 96MPI3-2.6-4M10T / CORE 2.6G 4M 1150P 2CORE I3-4340TE
  • 96MPI3-3.1-4M10T / CORE 3.1G 4M 1150P 2CORE I3-4350T
  • 96MPI3-3.7-4M10T / CORE 3.7G 4M 1150P 2CORE I3-4360
  • 96MPI5-2.9-6M10T / CORE 2.9G 6M 1150P 4 CORE I5-4570S
  • 96MPI5-2.7-4M10T / CORE 2.7G 4M 1150P 2 CORE I5-4570TE
  • 96MPI5-2.0-6M10T / CORE 2.0G 6M 1150P 4CORE I5-4590T
  • 96MPI5-3.0-6M10T / CORE 3.0G 6M 1150P 4CORE i5-4590S
  • 96MPI7-2.3-8M10T / CORE 2.3G 8M 1150P 4 CORE I7-4770TE
  • 96MPI7-3.1-8M10T / CORE 3.1G 8M 1150P 4 CORE I7-4770S
  • 96MPI7-3.2-8M10T / CORE 3.2G 8M 1150P 4CORE i7-4790S
  • 96MPXE-2.3-8M10T / XEON 2.3G 8M 1150P 4CORE E3-1268L v3
  • 96MPXE-3.2-8M10T / XEON 3.2G 8M 1150P 4CORE E3-1225 v3
  • 96MPXE-3.5-8M10T / XEON 3.5G 8M 1150P 4 CORE E3-1275v3

*Should you have any question regarding products, please contact Advantech sales representative for purchasing information.