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What We Can Do For You

Advantech's Intelligent Display and Computing DMS are dedicated to providing application-oriented touch-display solutions and customer services. These solutions and services span the entire product development — from the initial design concept stage through release — and fulfill customers’ display-related solution needs.

These touch-display solutions benefit from customer centric design-in services to enable full AIoT integration. To meet the needs of a variety of industries, Advantech provides a diversified platform service for x86 and Arm-based applications as well as HW/SW integration capabilities. In addition, the services help establish a reliable one-stop-shop with scenario-based verification and certification.

  • Self-service Ticketing Kiosk

    Self-service Ticketing Kiosk
  • Military Grade Display

    Military Grade Display
  • Fitness

  • Self Check-in Kiosk

    Self Check-in Kiosk
  • Gas Station Kiosk

    Gas Station Kiosk
  • Medical Display & Computing

    Medical Display & Computing
  • Smart Home Controller

    Smart Home Controller
  • In-flight Entertainment

    In-flight Entertainment
  • Touch Screen POS

    Touch Screen POS
  • Factor Equipment HMI

    Factor Equipment HMI

Diverse Platforms and Custom Integration Services

Diverse Platforms and Custom Integration Services
  • Key Advantages

  • Industrial In-house ID Team

    Industrial In-house ID Team

    • Stylish ID Solution (curved display/ slim bezel)
    • Design for manufacturability
  • Diverse Application Platforms

    Diverse Application Platforms

    • x86 (Intel/ AMD)
    • ARM (NXP/ Rockchip/ NVDIA/ Qualcomm/ TI)
  • Customization


    • Individual industrial and mechanical design
    • Integrated design and performance
  • Bonding Technology

    Bonding Technology

    • Advanced quality control for air and optical bonding
  • Full System Integration

    Full System Integration

    • Integrate IoT elements into display touch systems
  • Rugged Design

    Rugged Design

    • IP ratings
    • Drop-proof and shock-resistant
    • C1D2 and IK ratings
    • Wide temperature solution
  • Long Lifecycle

    Long Lifecycle

    • Component lifecycle review in early design stages
    • Key components EOL notice
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    • Verification and certification
    • Production quality management
  • Traceability


    • Product lifecycle management
    • Material control systems

Featured Technologies

Stylish ID Solutions

2.5D Curved Display

2.5D Curved Display

  • Complete ID and appearance consideration
  • Glass touch display
Slim Bezel Design

Slim Bezel Design

  • Accommodates limited space applications vis a stylish modern design
  • Mechanical structure improvements

Enhanced Touch Technologies

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding

  • Enhance display ruggedness and visual performance
  • Avoid dust/particle collection and glare for outdoor readability
Anti-Reflective(AR) Coating

Anti-Reflective(AR) Coating

  • Improves image contrast by eliminating glare
  • Optimize optic efficiency by increasing transmission, enhancing contrast, and eliminating ghost images
Anti-Glare Glass

Anti-Glare Glass

  • Designed to prevent screen glare
Anti-Fingerprint(AF) Coating

Anti-Fingerprint(AF) Coating

  • Prevents intrusion of oxygen and moisture while delivering anti-fingerprint capabilities
  • Resists fingerprints/stains and is easily cleaned
Gloved Operation

Gloved Operation

  • Touch sensitivity adaptable to different scenarios
  • Water resistant solution
Touchless Gesture Control

Touchless Gesture Control

  • Contactless solutions lower infection risk
  • 3D hand gesture recognition

Rugged Solutions

IP Ratings

IP Ratings

  • Design optimization for IP rating based on user scenario
  • In-house IP testing
High IK Tempered Glass

High IK Tempered Glass

  • Enhanced tempered glass avoids damage in harsh environments
  • Shatters into small, granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards when broken

Tailor-Made Services

360-degree Bespoke Services

Tailor-Made Services

Application Stories

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