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What We Can Do For You

Advantech is committed to delivering reliable design and manufacturing services (DMS) to transport and railway customers. Our solutions accommodate many of the of transportation industry's industrial computer needs -including passenger information systems (PIS), network video recorders (NVR), and cockpit/driver machine interfaces (DMI).

Our design expertise is paired with an in-depth understanding of EN50155 railway specifications and experience with diverse transportation applications. Whether you are looking for station or cabinet solutions - Advantech DMS provides customization services that meet your needs.

Logistics Vehicle



High Speed Railway


Key Advantages

Flexible Design Capabilities

  • Modular design supports connection via Ethernet or HDMI/VGA/DVI
  • Multiple power options support an input voltage range between 24 ~ 110 Vdc (EN 50155)

Rugged Solutions

  • Wide operating temperature -40 ~ 55 °C
  • Shock/vibration resistant (IEC 61373)
  • IP6x compliant

Adheres to Industrial Standards

  • EN 50155/IEC-62373
  • EtherCAT
  • CAN Bus/SAE-J1939

Harsh Environment Capabilities

  • Capable of system boot at -40 °C (-40 °F)
  • Conformal coating helps prevent corrosion
  • Advanced fire protection (EN 45545-2)

Long Lifecycle

  • Allied supplier control plan ensures material availability
  • 10+ years lifecycle management, and key EOL components

Quality Assurance

  • Component information system
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Shop flow information system

Featured Technologies

Computing Solution Design
Services for railway carriers vary by application. Embedded system DMS provides solutions for simpler applications that require low-power computing devices, and complex high-performance applications that require diverse I/O.
Excellent Thermal Solutions
Advantech provides highly efficient thermal solutions. These solutions use an advanced heater to boot up at lower temperatures (-40°C /-104°F). Advantech also selected key components capable of functioning in high temperatures.
Rugged Design for Transport & Railway Applications

Railways endure frequent operation in diverse, harsh environments. These conditions necessitate the following features:

  • EN45545-2 level fire resistance
  • IEC-61373 level shock/vibration endurance
  • IP6x level waterproof adherence
  • Support for wide operating temperatures

Application Stories

Modular Design Enhances Passenger Information System Connectivity

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