Advantech's interactive multimedia broadcast system is a cost-effective solution for managing interactive communications with customers. Designed to suit all business environments, this system can be deployed in shopping malls, hospitals, banks, etc. Customized content, such as mall news, product advertisements, mobile coupons, and queuing status updates, can be displayed on digital terminals or multi-display video walls according to specific business needs. For interactive digital signage applications, Advantech provides flexible solutions including multi-functional all-in-one touch computers and media signage platforms. Both support more than 30 media types, including videos, images, TV, web page, and interactive apps, which not only provide real-time information to customers, but also enhance the overall experience. Advantech’s WebAccess/IMM software, a web-based multimedia editing and dispatch package, provides an intuitive interface for content remote editing and dispatch programs up to 500 clients. With a server/client architecture, individual display terminals can be easily controlled and systems backed up and restored remotely.