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Web-Browser Terminal

Advantech web-browser terminal can be served as web terminals, featuring data visualization and fieldbus support that operates in wide temperatures.

TPC-100 Banner-Touch PC-HMI

 Why TPC-100W series?

Power performance-TPC100-HMI-Advantech

║ Powerful performance║  

 ARM® Cortex®-A53 processor with 2 GB DDR4 RAM 


║ Easy development ║ 

Supports Linux Yocto and Android OS

Wide temperature-TPC-100-TPC100-HMI-Advantech

 ║ Rugged design ║ 

Wide temperature range (-20~60°C/-4~140°F)  with IP66-rated front panel 

High connectivity-TPC100-HMI-Advantech

║ High connectivity ║ 

CAN 2.0 protocol and optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) provide flexible connectivity

Comes in three sizes at affordable prices

TPC-107W-Product photo-HMI-Advantech



TPC-110W-product photo-HMI-Advantech



TPC-115W-product photo-HMI-Advantech



Multiple applications of TPC-100W series

✔    Remote control system

✔    Energy management system

  • Collect machine data from PLCs to transmit to TPC-100W 
  • Access and control machines remotely using VNC viewer
  • Enable web-based access to data visualization dashboards via Qt browsers

  • Monitoring battery status to ensure reliable operations
  • Set alerts for managing temperature levels and power usage
  • Enable centralized data management from mobile devices, tablets, and cell phones

Remote Control System-TPC100-HMI Application
Energy Management System-TPC100-HMI Application

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  • Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech Industrial Automation and I/O Solutions

    Advantech offers versatile I/O devices from sensor modules, add-on DAQ cards or portable modules to remote I/O and wireless I/O devices and software tools, which not only satisfy data acquisition, measurement, control, and communication needs but also allows cloud integration for wider area data management systems.

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