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Advantech at SPS Italia 2024 to optimize the future of the industry


From May 28 to 30, the Industrial IoT pioneer Advantech is exhibiting at SPS Italia, showing a lineup of leading-edge solutions designed to optimize industrial operations.

The industry is going through a period of deep changes, driven by the relentless progress of technology and the constant search for optimal solutions. In this dynamic and ever-changing landscape, Advantech stands out as a beacon of innovation and a leading supplier of tailor-made solutions for future industrial challenges.

Advantech will be located in Hall 6 - Stand D 050. There will be five areas where visitors can go deeper into specific topics and meet qualified staff, to understand how technology can solve industrial automation challenges. The five areas will be:

M2M Intelligence: connecting 5.0 industry

Machine-to-machine intelligence (M2M) is the driver of digital transformation in all industries. It enables real-time communication between machines, sensors and systems. In the Industry 5.0 age, M2M is essential to build smart factories, to optimize production processes and to promote automation. In short, M2M Intelligence empowers automation, improves the decision-making process and promotes innovation in all sectors. Its impact extends far beyond individual devices, shaping the future of interconnected systems. At its booth, Advantech will show how smart connectivity and data analysis can streamline production operations, improving the efficiency, accuracy and quality of work.

Tailored Integration: measure-made solutions for industrial requirements

Each company has unique and specific needs. Tailored integration in industrial automation is a key aspect that ensures smooth collaboration among different components inside an industrial ecosystem.

With its Tailored Integration approach, Advantech can adapt technological solutions to the specific needs of each customer, offering unmatched implementation and scalability, independently of the size or complexity of a business.

Advantech provides advanced integration for IoT systems, such as Edge Computing, Advanced Data Analytics, security, compliance and protected network infrastructure, as well as smart devices for efficient data acquisition. Advantech’s wide spectrum of collaborations include System Integrators, Channel Partners, consulting companies and Independent Software Providers, to guarantee the possibility to adapt any solution to your needs.

Asset Management: industrial asset optimization

Asset management is critical to ensure maximum operating efficiency and cost reduction. The key aspects and strategies for asset management in manufacturing, called Industrial Asset Management (IAM), include the systematic management of the physical assets of an organization to increase productivity, reduce operating risks and optimize the use of resources. The benefits of effective asset management include greater equipment reliability, cost savings, increased efficiency, compliance and risk mitigation.

At their stand, Advantech will show how advanced asset management solutions can optimize preventive maintenance, extending the useful life of plants and maximizing ROI, while enabling companies to gain a sustainable competitive edge in the long term.

AI Journey: towards industrial artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key lever to increase productivity and competitiveness. Advantech knows how to leverage the AI revolution in industrial operations and can guide companies to understand how automation and artificial intelligence merge, while driving their development ethically to achieve sustainable progress.   Advantech will illustrate an AI implementation journey in the industrial domain, showing how companies can be guided in this process, providing innovative solutions and expert support to fully leverage the AI potential and achieve tangible results. 

Industrial Cybersecurity: protecting the industry of the future

Industrial cybersecurity is focused on the protection of networks and IT systems that are vital for industries such as manufacturing, energy, transportation and more. These sectors heavily rely on technology and automation, which exposes them to IT risks. Ensuring the security of industrial systems is essential to prevent disruptions, data breaches and potential damage to people and the environment.

Essential factors including plant security, network security and system integrity are guaranteed, as Advantech is a player in all fields and can provide a solution to create a secure and protected plant. 

Certified products (according to standard 62443), products with TPM, SD WAN and VPN solutions allow to protect a plant easily. Product design/manufacturing should also be taken into consideration, and Advantech is 62443-4-1 certified. Advantech will highlight the importance of a robust IT security infrastructure to protect industrial operations from external and internal threats, ensuring business continuity and the security of sensitive data, thus safeguarding the future of the industry.

Optimizing the Future: a commitment to industrial excellence

The keyword of Advantech’s booth, "Optimize", reflects the company’s commitment to help customers optimize their operations and thrive in a more and more competitive industrial landscape with innovative solutions for a smarter, safer and more efficient future.

All Advantech solutions are designed for:

  • Performance improvement: industrial automation improves standardization, speed and compliance with design specifications.
  • Cost saving: by minimizing manual work, the daily operating costs decrease.
  • Risk mitigation: automation reduces the chances of human errors.
  • Quality improvement: consistent processes result into better product quality.
  • Increased efficiency: faster production cycles and simplified operations.

With an eye for optimization, Advantech will host its technological partners at the stand to give a complete picture of their offer and services.

The following partners will be exhibiting alongside Advantech (in alphabetical order):

Erreuno srl ( provides automation systems and components, both hardware and software. Erreuno is not just a code distributor, but a technology partner that can deliver innovative and advanced integrated solutions, combined with specific technical support and the exclusive added value offered by the company. The target industries include Food & Beverage, Power & Energy, Automotive, Security, Building, Railway, Shipbuilding, Defense The corporate philosophy is to act as a technology partner that can recommend the solution with the best quality/price ratio.

At Advantech’s stand, Erreuno will be located in the “M2M Integration” area. 

Orange Business (, the corporate division of the Orange group, is a global leader in the supply of integrated solutions for the connectivity and the technological and industrial development of its customers. The wide range of services, enabled by their network infrastructure, supports the connectivity of millions of individuals and devices. These services include edge and cloud computing, data analytics and generative artificial intelligence, as well as advanced solutions for IT security. With its approach as system integrator, Orange Business can meet the specific Industry 4.0 requirements of customers, independently of their size or industry.

At the Advantech booth, Orange Business will be located in the “Industrial Cybersecurity” area.

REweb srl ( has been selecting, importing and distributing Information Technology and Industrial IoT solutions for the creation of infrastructures, applications and connectivity for more than 40 years. REweb supports its business partners investing in the development of their project with competence and innovation, reducing engineering costs, avoiding waste and delivering the latest market updates.

At Advantech’s booth, REweb will be located in the “Asset Management” area. 

Sorint.TEK srl ( is the Business Unit focused on Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning of Sorint.Lab, a leading European group in consulting services for advanced technology, employing 1500 professionals worldwide. Sorint.TEK deploys, manages and provides end-to-end support for the data driven strategies of partners and customers, from the design and implementation of Big Data and Fast Data architectures to the development of artificial intelligence and automation solutions, to information visualization to support business decision-making. The company has a long record of experience in the development of Big Data analytics platforms and/or components: from standard reporting to recent leading-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques. They also have significant experience in several domains and sectors, including Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, based on a proprietary platform of IoT Asset Management and Operation Intelligence, MangroviaIoT. Responsibility and ethics have been the guiding values of Sorint for almost 40 years, a solid foundation for relations with collaborators and customers, combined with passion for innovation, where Research and Development represent the practical tools to achieve this vision. Sorint.TEK - Where Insight and Innovation Converge.

At Advantech’s booth, Sorint.TEK will be located in the “AI Journey” area.

Sysma Elettronica srl ( started off as an electronic component distributor, then specialized in the research of allocation components, obsolete and military components, power supplies and industrial computers for the most important electronic companies. Over more than 30 years in business, Sysma Elettronica has acquired the experience and ability to develop custom solutions for customers who are leaders in the following industries: A.T.E., railway, defense, shipbuilding, glass processing machines, printing machines, and automotive, leveraging the collaboration of engineers and software engineers with many years of experience in automation. With our expertise, we have been selected as suppliers by the Italian Navy for industrial servers and computers certified by RINA and LLOYD’S, and we also support customers for new certifications.

At Advantech’s stand, Sysma Elettronica will be located in the “Tailored Integration” area.

The success of the solutions presented at the exhibition will be supported by several partners of Advantech’s strategic and technological ecosystem, including NVIDIA, AWS, Intel and Microsoft.

Besides improving the efficiency and productivity of industrial operations, Advantech has made huge efforts to formulate a solid environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, and it was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI-World) in 2023. Besides this recognition, the corporation has been included in the prestigious Sustainability Yearbook S&P Global 2024, standing out for remarkable ESG performance.

In 2024, Advantech has set ambitious goals to guide sustainable transformation, including the promotion of global partnerships to establish collective renewable energy sources, in order to achieve 100% of renewable energy usage in all of Advantech’s global sites within 2040.

Advantech also aimed at developing “sustainable intelligence solutions”, collaborating with supply chain partners to develop smart and sustainable solutions, including iEMS, smart healthcare, smart factories and smart transportation.

Advantech collaborates with industry, governments, academy and research to support employment and entrepreneurial initiatives for young people, and it is committed to developing strategic projects to implement a “people-oriented” approach, creating a more equal and inclusive workplace.

Dario Nacawa, Regional Sales Manager Italy & Iberia, said: “With this wide range of solutions and our commitment to excellence, Advantech is reaffirming its role as a reliable and innovative partner for the companies that want to thrive in the Industry 5.0 age. The SPS Italia trade fair will be an extraordinary opportunity to connect with partners and customers, share knowledge and collaborate to shape the future of the industry, as well as to explore together the great opportunities that the industrial future holds.”

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