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Intel Core i5

Speed up your industrial, embedded device with Intel Core i5 CPU at Advantech! We offer 4th ~ 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 and Legacy Intel® Core™ Series built with quad-cores and 6 MB cache to accelerate your business PCs in response to demanding tasks and computing productivity!!

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18 total products

Part Number Description CPU
    # of Cores Code Name Market Processor Base Frequency Socket Type
Part Number Description CPU
    # of Cores Code Name Market Processor Base Frequency Socket Type
96MPI5-2.0-6M10T (DEL22)CORE 2.0G 6M 1150P 4CORE I5-4590T 4 HASWELL Desktop 2 GHz LGA1150
96MPI5-2.7-4M10T (DEL22)CORE 2.7G 4M 2CORE I5-4570TE 2 HASWELL Embedded 2.7 GHz LGA1150
96MPI5-2.9-6M10T (DEL22)CORE 2.9G 6M 4CORE I5-4570S 4 HASWELL Desktop 2.9 GHz LGA1150
96MPI5-3.0-6M10T (DEL22)CORE 3.0G 6M 1150P 4CORE i5-4590S 4 HASWELL Desktop 3 GHz LGA1150
96MPI5A-1.9-18M17 CORE I5 1.9G 18M 6C 1700P I5-12500TE 6 Alder Lake Embedded 1.9 GHz FCLGA1700
96MPI5A-2.5-18M17 CORE I5 2.5G 18M 6C 1700P I5-12400 6 Alder Lake Embedded 2.5 GHz FCLGA1700
96MPI5A-2.9-18M17 CORE I5 2.9G 18M 6C 1700P I5-12500E 6 Alder Lake Embedded 2.9 GHz FCLGA1700
96MPI5A-3.0-18M17 CORE I5 3G 18M 6C 1700P I5-12500 6 Alder Lake Embedded 3.0 GHz FCLGA1700
96MPI5C-2.1-9M11T CORE 2.1G 9M 1151P 6CORE i5-8500T 6 Coffee Lake Desktop 2.1 GHz FCLGA1151
96MPI5C-3.0-9M11T CORE 3G 9M 1151P 6CORE I5-8500 6 Coffee Lake Desktop 3 GHz FCLGA1151
96MPI5CO-2.3-12M12 CORE I5 2.3G 12M 1200P 6C I5-10500TE 6 Comet Lake Embedded 2.3 GHz FCLGA1200
96MPI5CO-3.1-12M12 CORE I5 3.1G 12M 1200P 6C I5-10500E 8 Comet Lake Embedded 3.1 GHz FCLGA1200
96MPI5CR-2.2-9M11T CORE 2.2G 9M 1151P 6C I5-9500TE 6 Coffee Lake Refresh-S N/A 2.2G FCLGA1155
96MPI5CR-3.0-9M11T CORE 3G 9M 1151P 6C I5-9500E 6 Coffee Lake Refresh-S N/A 3.0 GHz FCLGA1151
96MPI5K-2.7-6M11T CORE 2.7G 6M 1151P 4CORE I5-7500T 4 Kaby Lake Desktop 2.7 GHz LGA1151
96MPI5K-3.4-6M11T CORE 3.4G 6M 1151P 4CORE I5-7500 4 Kaby Lake Desktop 3.4 GHz LGA1151
96MPI5S-2.3-6M11T1 CORE 2.3G 6M 1151P 4 CORE I5-6500TE 4 Skylake Embedded 2.3 GHz LGA1151
96MPI5S-3.2-6M11T CORE 3.2G 6M 1151P 4 CORE I5-6500 4 Skylake Desktop 3.6 GHz LGA1151

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