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Transforming Urban Landscapes: The Versatility of ePaper Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

ePaper Solutions for Indoor and  Outdoor Environments

Driving Sustainability with ePaper

In the quest for a greener future, cities are turning to large-scale ePaper displays as champions of  sustainability. By harnessing the power of ePaper, cities not only reduce their carbon footprint but also  create smarter, safer, and more efficient urban environments.

ESG Achievement Through ePaper Solutions

The pressure is on for cities to address environmental concerns while ensuring equitable mobility and  sustainable infrastructure. Enter smart ePaper technology, the eco-friendly solution that's transforming  cityscapes worldwide. From managing traffic flow to enhancing pedestrian safety, ePaper is a driving  force behind connected, sustainable cities.

A Clear View with Wireless ePaper

Welcome to the era of comfortable viewing experiences! With Advantech's indoor and outdoor  ePaper solutions, clarity is key. Featuring vibrant colors and 16 shades of gray, these displays  are perfect for smart bus stops, transportation notices, and even hospital entry notifications. Plus,  with 180-degree viewing angles, passengers can stay informed without straining their necks.

Optimizing Operations with ePaper Technology

In a world where resources are scarce,  efficiency is paramount. Take hospitals,  for example. By automating information  delivery on ePaper devices, staff can  streamline operations, reduce  workload, and improve patient care. It’s  not just about saving time—it’s about  enhancing the overall experience for  everyone involved.

System Architecture 

System Architecture

Product Specifications

EPD-203 Smart Medicine Cart

 • 2.13" black, white, and red ePaper 

• Nordic nrf-52833, supporting Bluetooth 5.4 

• Remote management with DeviceOn/ePaper 

• Supports USB/UART/I2C/RS485 protocol  communication

The Advantech EPD-203 is available for order. Please contact an Advantech sales office or visit our website ( for more information. 

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