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Advantech Celebrates 40 Years of Success with Customers, Partners, and Employees


When Advantech was established in 1983, its focus was on promoting industrial automation. Following several corporate transformations, Advantech has successfully developed software and IoT cloud platforms, and established complete solutions in the field of AIoT applications. 

Advantech’s plans for the field of AIoT  

Over the past 10 years, with the vision of enabling an intelligent planet, Advantech has expanded its organizational and innovative R&D capabilities, and actively connected with external partners to accelerate the implementation of AIoT applications worldwide.    

Advantech works with myriad domain focused system integrators (DFSI) and has used investment in numerous companies around the world to create Advantech domain focused solution partners (DFSP). In addition, Advantech will use the AIoT Campus to build links with even more DFSIs and DFSPs in an effort to create a global network that excels over the next decade.    

 Advantech is also pursuing a comprehensive ESG strategy, facilitating the sustainable development of Advantech’s operations through carbon reduction and providing AIoT solutions the enable global enterprises to improve sustainability. 

A series of exciting events to celebrate Advantech’s 40th anniversary

For its 40th anniversary, Advantech has planned a series of events to celebrate its accomplishments with its employees, partners, and customers. These events include Cycling with Advantech for Grateful Partnerships, an Intelligent Energy Management System (iEMS), campus lecture, a World Partner Conference, an activity collecting customer testimonials videos, an RBU Celebration Video Competition, MyAdvantech Story, and the Future of an Intelligent World Drawing Competition.    

Cycling with Advantech for Grateful Partnerships is one of the most significant celebrations in this series of events. In it, Advantech will invite partners and customers to participate in cycling events around the world. These events will feature 20 ~ 30 km of cycling followed by an exciting after-party.    

Additionally, the preliminary round of the Future of an Intelligent World Drawing Competition in Taiwan has been completed. The selected works will represent Taiwan in the Advantech Global Drawing Competition. This competition will stimulate the imagination of colleagues’ children from all over the world, and encourage them to think about the future of an intelligent planet.