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Empowering the Next Generation AI Video Surveillance with Advantech NVS-960OX and NVS-800RL Series


July 05, 2024, Taipei – 

Advantech, a leading provider of video solutions, is excited to introduce its latest NVS-960OX and NVS-800RL Series Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Powered by NVIDIA and Intel computing technology, the NVS-960-OX and NVS-800RL series are tailored to meet the evolving needs of video surveillance system integrators across various industries. These groundbreaking solutions are set to revolutionize the video AI and surveillance markets by offering unparalleled flexibility and customization.

Advantech NVS-960-OX, The AI NVR for Real-time Video Analytics in Edge Surveillance 

The NVS-960-OX, embedded with NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ NX, boasts AI performance of up to 100 TOPS. As a leading AI NVR, the NVS-960-OX is compact and compatible with any connected video stream, supporting 8x PoE, 2 x 1 GbE RJ-45, and 1 x 3.5" SATA HDD for efficient video streaming and storage without the need for an additional switch. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to install LTE modules and connect antennas for remote AI service deployment. With its advanced features and customizable platform, the NVS-960-OX provides system integrators with a versatile solution for seamlessly integrating their software and hardware setups. The compact size of the NVS-960-OX makes it ideal for edge surveillance applications that require real-time video AI analytics and responses.

Advantech NVS-800RL Series, the All-in-one AI NVR Solution 

Powered by 14th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, the NVS-800RL series can decompress encoded video in real-time. The NVS-811RL and NVS-821RL are rackmount all-in-one solutions that combine professional NVR servers, network switches, and camera power supplies (802.3bt) into a single system. It features 16 to 24 PoE LAN ports for camera connections, offering a high-power budget of up to 360W, and supports up to eight 3.5-inch HDD drives for abundant high-resolution video storage 24/7 locally. With support for NVIDIA MXM TYPE A cards, such as Advantech’s SKY-MXM-A2000, SKY-MXM-A1000, and SKY-MXM-T1000, the NVS-800RL series is ideal for a wide range of use cases in industries with AI deployment including banking, retail, healthcare, building surveillance, as well as medium-to-large hypermarkets.

Key Features of the NVS series

  • High-Performance Hardware  

With multiple video inputs and ample storage options, the NVS series provides high-performance hardware to meet the rigorous demands of video AI-driven applications. 

  • Customization and Integration 

System integrators can easily integrate the NVS series with their own systems. Advantech provides comprehensive support and resources to streamline this process, empowering integrators to deliver tailored solutions to their clients. 

  • Remote Management 

Recognizing the importance of large-scale deployments, the Advantech NVS series enables organizations to streamline operations, enhance security, and maximize their investment in surveillance technology. By centralizing control and monitoring functions, remote management platforms empower organizations to proactively manage their surveillance infrastructure and respond swiftly and effectively to emerging threats and challenges.

The Advantech NVS series is a comprehensive lineup of AI-driven NVRs designed to meet the diverse surveillance needs of various industries. These NVR solutions combine cutting-edge hardware with advanced software capabilities to deliver robust, customizable, and scalable surveillance solutions.

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