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Expanding Access to Surgical Care Through Technological Empowerment


Expanding Access to Surgical Care Through Technological Empowerment

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Taipei, Taiwan, March 16, 2024 – As the leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, Advantech is excited to collaborate with Kaliber AI in revolutionizing the landscape of surgical care. Leveraging NVIDIA’s advanced technology, including the NVIDIA Holoscan platform, Advantech is proud to introduce a comprehensive suite of NVIDIA-certified hardware solutions tailored to support Kaliber's next-generation surgical AI software across every stage of the surgical journey.

Kaliber AI integrates seamlessly with all widely used arthroscopy imaging modalities and healthcare data systems (DICOM, PACS, EMR, EHR).       

As the world's first end-to-end generative AI system for real-time surgery analysis and guidance, Kaliber AI lays the groundwork for a suite of solutions catering to the diverse needs of patients, surgeons, operating room staff, physiotherapists, administrators, payors, and other key healthcare stakeholders.

Kaliber objectives, tailored to meet the demands of these pivotal players in surgical care: 

  • Pre-Op: To refine surgical planning and training, customizing patient care while enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Intra-Op: To provide surgeons and their staff with real-time support, elevating the quality of surgical execution.n Gypsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.
  • Post-Op: To optimize administrative operations and boost patient satisfaction in the post-surgery phase.

Preoperative Care: Kaliber’s preoperative communication and information-sharing tools are seamlessly integrated with Advantech’s USM-500 AI workstation. Equipped with NVIDIA RTX A4000 GPUs, renowned for their energy efficiency and exceptional heat dissipation performance—consuming only 140W—the workstation ensures efficiency and accuracy. With a slim single-slot PCIe form factor measuring just 9.5 inches long, it seamlessly integrates into a diverse array of workstation chassis. The USM-500 facilitates real-time data processing and analysis, empowering healthcare providers to streamline preoperative care and address patient concerns with efficiency and accuracy.

Intraoperative Assistance: Kaliber is developing real-time intraoperative AI powered by Advantech’s USM-500, leveraging the RTX A4000’s advanced computing capabilities to deliver surgical assistance and analytics directly to the operating room (OR). Kaliber’s intraoperative AI solutions aim to benefit surgeons with enhanced precision and decision-making support.

Postoperative Monitoring: Following surgery, Kaliber’s personalized post-op reports, enriched with AI-labeled surgical imaging and videos, are effortlessly generated and shared using Advantech’s USM-500. With integrated patient monitoring and outcome tracking features healthcare providers can closely monitor recovery progress and tailor rehabilitation protocols for individual patients.

Kaliber’s AI-powered software suite uses the Advantech USM-500 as an edge inference device for its pre- and post-surgery solutions, as well as with the solutions Advantech is currently in the process of building. Kaliber chose Advantech for the competitive advantage gained from the ability to customize robust medical-grade hardware components to meet the unique requirements of its AI solutions. Advantech is able to reduce development costs and accelerate product development.    

Together, Kaliber and Advantech are driving innovation in surgical care, empowering healthcare providers to deliver consistent, personalized, and evidence-based treatments that may improve patient outcomes and redefine the standard of surgical excellence.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and network with healthcare experts at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference running March 18-21. Join the event live from the San Jose Convention Center @Advantech booth 232, 1332, or online. With engaging demos, hands-on learning opportunities, and insightful discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into the latest advancements revolutionizing healthcare.

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