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Edge SRP

Edge SRP includes different packages of bundled hardware and software which can be used for data collection, edge computing, and data visualization.

Product Categories

  • Edge Service Packages

    Advantech offers 3 Edge Service Packages: EdgeSync 360/ IoT Edge, Azure IoT Edge and AWS IoT Greengrass to deploy cloud intelligence on edge platforms

  • Edge Analyzer

    Advantech edge devices with EdgeLink, AWS IoT Greengrass, or Azure IoT Edge can deploy stream analytics, machine learning, and image recognition.

  • Edge Data Collector

    Advantech gateways and RTUs are bundled with edge software to support data collection, protocol conversion, and data publishing to cloud platforms.

  • Edge Visualizer

    Advantech edge devices with ACP ThinClient, WebAccess/ SCADA, and WebAccess/ HMI can support diverse data visualization applications.

  • Edge Controller

    Advantech offers a complete portfolio of hardware solutions by CODESYS to assist customers improve profitability and lower operational costs.

  • Edge Networking

    Advantech cellular routers and Ethernet switches combined with network communication software can improve network management for various industries.

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  • Keep Your Edge in Machine Vision Analytics

    Keep Your Edge in Machine Vision Analytics

    Time management, ease of maintenance, and accuracy are always major demands for machine vision solutions at the edge. Edge computing solutions facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation and serve as a decentralized extension of the cloud, data center, or campus networks.