We Never Leave Quality to Chance.

Throughout our extensive history of design and manufacturing, we have always built products that are based on a criterion that puts quality first. That is why our engineering team always puts new product designs through rigorous quality, reliability, and performance tests.

  • Most complete ISO statement coverage
  • Green Policy
  • Continuous quality and reliability monitoring
  • Ease of access to quality contacts

We insist on fulfilling the most up-to-date standards to ensure the quality of your product.


Those important certifications demonstrate our ability to provide products that consistently meet the requirements of customers and applicable regulations, while enabling customers to deliver solutions ahead of the competition.

Quality Assurance System

Advantech's Closed Quality Assurance Loop system consists of three parts: Design Quality Assurance (DQA), Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA), and Customer Quality Assurance (CQA). Closed loop quality control extends from an internal loop in DQA, up to the overall external loop from CQA, to MQA and/or DQA. This system provides constant feedback on design and manufacturing quality as well as reliability and stability of all Advantech products.

  • Design Quality Assurance (DQA):

    DQA mainly covers the New Product Development Process (NPDP) to ensure quality is designed-in by Quality Engineers (QE) for reliability; this includes operating system and hardware compatibility testing. The Quality Assurance Laboratory (QA Lab) is for safety and environmental tests, and meets the requirements of CE/UL/CCC standards. Tests conducted by our in-house QA Lab include EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), ESD (Electrostatic Discharge), EFT (Electricity Fast Transient), Surge, Conducted Susceptibility, Power Frequency, Magnetic Field, Voltage DIPS & Interrupts, Safety, Temperature & Humidity, Vibration, Drop testing, and others.

  • Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA):

    MQA's activities are centered on our factory manufacturing process and are executed by the Quality Control (QC) department. Advantech has developed a Total Quality Control (TQC) procedure for mass production. From IQC and IPQC to FQC, and from assembly to system integration, each individual product has its own standard quality control guidelines. Extended static and dynamic burn-in test procedures are involved to screen potential quality problems. Periodic training, auditing and facility calibration are strictly implemented to make sure all quality standards are followed to the letter. QC constantly feeds quality-related issues to R&D for improved product performance and compatibility.

  • Customer Quality Assurance (CQA) :

    CQA consists of both technical support and repair service. These are important windows to service our customers' needs, receive customer feedback, then act with R&D in order to improve the service.